Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's Random Rant....

Not that I want to make ranting a weekly event....(even though I really could with all my little pet peeves and strange observations in my life lately....)

Cell 'em? Hate em? Can't live without 'em? I enjoy my cell phone...mostly for making phone calls. Rarely do I access the internet or do anything else it may be capable of. I didn't realize I could watch tv episodes on it until after I'd had it for 9 months. It's great that I can access the internet in a pinch or if I'm terribly bored somewhere alone. Key word....ALONE.

Here's the deal. As a waitress, the cell phone obsession is glaring me in the face. I probably won't win. But I'm going to try. Does anyone remember a little thing called Phone Ettiquette? I was not even allowed to answer the phone as a kid in my home until I knew the proper way to handle a phone call. Never say, "who is this?" But..."May I ask who is calling?" Never did I speak on the phone during dinner or family time. But for some reason since phones have become mobile...all manners are null and void.

I walked up to greet a table last night where a mother and her teenage son had just sat down with menus.
"Hi! How are you guys tonight?" I set napkins in front of them to hold their drinks once I get the order.
They barely glance away from their phones. "Just fine," says Mother.
"Uh," says the son.
"Can I offer you an Ice Tea, Coca-Cola product or House Margarita from the bar tonight?"
long pause.
"Uhm, I'll just have sweet tea."
"Alright, I will be right back with those drinks for you!"

In my head... "Seriously? You morons are out to eat together and nevermind the fact that you barely spoke or acknowledged your server...the person handling your meal time aren't even speaking to each other!!! Argh! Cell Phones are EVIL."

The other scenario is that I'll walk up to ask a co-worker a question and they say "hang on" as they sneak out their cell phone and text a friend. (Cell phones aren't allowed for employees inside the restaurant...obviously not followed) I will usually walk away. Rude.

Here's another one. There's a car coming into my lane from the opposite side of the road!! AAAAA!!! They finally LOOK UP FROM THEIR PHONE and notice they're about to kill a family of three. Does this not make a person decide to STOP using the phone while driving?

I'm going to give these scenarios the benefit of the doubt that they don't realize how disgusting this behavior is until it's shown to them. I'm showing you. See. Up there. Don't forget about the real people in your life because of the amazing abilities of a phone.


  1. I am so with you on this!! I rarely use my cell phone, and don't text or use the internet on it. I figure there are some times in life I should just be where I am and with the people I'm with. There's a lot of life out there.

    The rudeness has gotten crazy out of control. Now there are signs everywhere saying not to use your cell phones. In the library. At the grocery check out. In the doctor office. Bathrooms.

    Can I just rant a sec about people who call and talk when they are in a public bathroom?? HELLOOOOO!!! Who were these people's mothers?? One the other day was a mother with her toddler talking to her friend on the phone in depth about waiting for her kid to poop and the color it was and such. Seriously. Is this necessary?

    Sigh. See... you've hit a hot button with me too.

    And those drivers... if I see someone texting I'll honk at them. Everyone thinks they are the exception, and they can drive and text really well. And not one of them can.

    Okay. I'm done. Thanks. :)

  2. Yes! I agree, 100% This is why I don't have a phone that can do anything except call. (I think it can take pictures, but I've yet to find a practical use for this function. And it has an alarm, but it's so hard to use, that I don't use it either.)

    My biggest pet peeve when I worked in retail was a customer who was on the phone while I was ringing up the sale. I couldn't greet them properly, I couldn't ask them questions, and then they looked confused when I gave them their total. This is also why I don't use my phone in a store except rarely, and if for some reason I'm on the phone when checking out, I appologize and make the person I'm talking with hold on while I finish my transaction.

  3. Well, first... I love my phone. I text, I email, I cyber search, I FB. Though, I must say, I prefer it didn't actually ring. LOL! I feel the same with the home phone. it is a means for me to tend to my day from time to time but should 'it' ring? I have a little heart palpitation wondering what someone wants who is on the other end -- and what will be required of me.

    SECOND: I totally agree about all the above. And, I can't stand to be in the restroom and someone is sitting there, pants to the floor, conversing on the phone. EWWWW. Germs. Where are your hands in between putting said phone with said hands to your face? YUCK! DISGUST!

    And, all the other points you made. ;-)


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