Thursday, April 22, 2010

CJ is a genius!

So, here it is! My genius of a husband brought in a car battery and a power converter to hook up my computer and let me blog. Wow!! The things he goes through for me.

Oh...let me explain.

My computer crashed.....but it crashed because the electric company shut off our power. Our power was shut off because the bills each month have been so outrageous that we can only pay partial and then the last check wrote bounced due to the bank holding our funds and .... well, everyone has problems, right?! We are tackling them head on. I don't know when this electricity thing will be resolved but in the meantime I've learned a lot.

Cleaning during the daytime hours ensures you will not trip and fall over something during the night time hours. Also a good idea to have everything needed in one spot for night time.

Camping equipment is the best investment we've ever made. Years ago when we lived in our little piece of heaven in California we went camping a lot. So, we ended up collecting a propane cookstove, an old fashioned coffee percolator, pots and pans that cook over fire easily without ruining and other neat little toys. Wow, they have come in handy!!

You are the coolest blog folks in the whole wide cyberverse. Or something like that. Because despite my absence, I have several new cool kids *HI!!!* and lots of supportive comments that have made me happy each day despite our little troubles. You all truly, really, and 150% ROCK! When I get rich from selling books (haha) I owe everyone a drink, ok?!

So, I will be trying to post more regularly now with this nifty battery and power converter my husband hooked up for me. Or at least have a few posts scheduled. Please, please forgive me that this battery doesn't last long and so I can't go to read blogs or comment and I might not reply to yours. Please PLEASE know that I am reading your comments and they keep me going!!! So, keep commenting! :)

Hey, new cool kids!! Is there anything in particular you'd love to discuss on this blog? Let me know! If not, you have to suffer through my random ramblings and sometimes that's okay and sometimes.......well, I'll let you use your imagination. :0)

Also a HUGE Thank you to Jen at unedited and Stina at Seeing Creative for my awards. When I have more power, I'll be sure to pass them on!!

In the meantime, keep smiling, keep writing and I'll be back...I promise!


  1. Yes, keep smiling! You do have a clever hubby. Have a good weekend,

  2. Hang in there Kristi!! I'm glad to see you are still trying to remain positive! These things happen but I think it's so cool how awesome your husband is!!!! He's so creative! Guess you aren't the only one whose creative in the family, lol!!!

    I look forward to your posts when they come my way!!! :)

  3. Wow, clever. Just try to remain positive and things will surely work out better.

  4. Great inventive mind your husband has. Keep your chin up. Things have to start looking up at some point. At least that's what I keep telling myself. :)

  5. What a great guy. How cool that you can get online even for a little bit. Hang in there and stay positive. :)

  6. CJ is really very clever. Glad he got your lifeline hooked back up for you.

  7. Back to basics, baby!

    Great job being so optimistic and learning to live through the challenges thrown at you. It's a huge lesson for all us to learn. And relearn.

    Kate (

  8. Sounds like you're married to McGyver! What a great hubby :)

  9. What a crazy time you must be having! I'm sorry you're having troubles with the electricity bills. This winter ours jumped suddenly from the 80s and 90s to $400! We just about had a panic attack! It stayed there for three months, and suddenly is back to $80. Talk about tightening belts a bit!

    I'm so thankful for all we have, though. I know it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes, but I'm so impressed with your positivity! Keep chugging.. the light is there at the end...and it won't come with a bill! :)

  10. Your positive attitude is inspirational, Kristi! Your hubbie is one smart guy.!

  11. Like other commenters, I'm sorry you're having problems paying your electricity too. Most of us have been through pretty lean times. I hope yours passes soon. I'm glad CJ ensured that you can get on the computer.


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