Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Snapshots

Well, the monster snow storm finally hit us in East Tennessee late yesterday and so far most of the day today. What I find hilarious is that THIS is a monster snow storm. (Okay, I'm being facetious, obviously TN is not used to snow and there is much more in the mountainous areas.)

The Royals were very excited, since they thought they would never see snow again when we moved here.

Yes, she did end up throwing that at me.

They don't sell sleds around these parts-the cardboard box almost worked, but the snow was too slushy

The young prince wasn't too sure about all this wet, white stuff, but he refused to go back in the house.

The most awesome picture of a snowball flying at my face! AAAACCCKKK!

And don't forget the most awesome part of snow. Eating it! :0) 


  1. HOW FUN!!!! I love to visit snow, but I am super glad I no longer live in it!!!

  2. Spoke with my mother, who lives in Maryville, this morning. She said it snowed there, but did not act like it was a very impressive snowfall--certainly not like the massive blizzard the TV news was building it up to be.

    I recall in Blount County, and this was years back, some of the hardware and local variety stores would put out some sleds whenever snow was forcast and would sell out right away. We would use them maybe one day and put them away not to be used again for another 3 to 5 years, unless we took the sleds to the mountains, which sometimes we did.


  3. I am ready for our snow and cold weather to be gone. It was -2 when I woke up this morning. Brr!

  4. I'm so glad your kids got to play in the snow. Nothing better! Any snowmen?

  5. Great photos!! I especially love the one with the snowball coming at you! :)

    We got about 8 inches so far today, and it's still coming down. Beautiful, but very cold!!

  6. You mean you didn't rush out with all the other Tennessean's and buy the last of the bread and milk at the store afraid you might be housebound for weeks? Sorry, it is just that I worked at North Lake Tahoe the last year before I moved here ... Tennessean's freak at 3 inches, in Tahoe it was measured in feet ... and you had to have several before it was considered much of a storm at all. Nice your kids got to play in it though.

  7. Thank you Shelli! My secret dream is to take photography lessons and really know what I'm doing. :0)

    Julie; LOL I laughed the whole time I saw the caravan of traffic headed to the store. :)

    Heidi: Yup, that snowball one was luck! :)
    Jemi: It was too wet and heavy for a snowman-or at least the kids got too cold and wet before a snowman was even thought of. LOL
    Melissa: Yes, I prefer warmer weather! I'm glad I'm not in your cold weather!!
    Lee: Yup, it was a rare sight for all to behold. LOL We got about 4 inches.
    Jen: Me too, we shoveled snow every day of January last year. LOL


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