Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sick Random Thoughts

Yeah, that title came out all wrong. Kind of like my WIP yesterday and today. Every sentence came out all wrong. I held my head-to keep the pounding pressure from pushing my eyeballs out of their sockets-and wondered why in the world I ever thought I might want to be a writer.

I confessed this fear and faltering decision on dream chasing to my loving CJ and he informed me...
"You have a fever of 103.2"
"Oh, really?"
"Yeah, could explain your lack of verbal abilities. Or written verbal abilities."
"Who's having problems, here?"
"Oh yeah."

My point is that this will be a short post.

So, welcome to my new cool kids. We love ya!

I think if I'm clear headed, I will treat you with a fabulously relevant post to writing tomorrow.

I will wonder if I'm ever going to have more than one week at a time of feeling good and ask you....Do you write when you're sick? Does it depend on the sickness? Or sometimes, do you find a nugget of gold in all the wrong words?


  1. With a fever???? Noooooooooo! With a fever, I curl up like a whimpering weakling!

  2. I'm pretty lucky for the most part - I don't get sick too often - generally just a bout of pneumonia every year or 2, but that's about it. Oooooops, did I just jinx myself???

    It's much more important to take care of yourself - so just relax until you feel better!

  3. kristi kristi kristi - get off this computer and go back to bed, girl!! Drink some tea, sip some soup, let the husband take care of the kids.

    And get better soon!!

  4. Depends on how sick. Cold, yes. Flu or anything of that level, heck no. Go, rest, drink fluids, and get better.

    Now on the other side. Sometimes you have to work when you're sick, deadlines, then I take whatever over the counter drug will give some relief without fogging the mind. But I only do that if I have a deadline.

  5. I feel so obligated right now to write no matter what. I mentioned this in my post this past Saturday. I had been suffering with a backache so severe over a two week period that I could barely sit down for any length of time, but I forced myself to write my daily blog post and do at least a few comments.
    I was the same way at work before I lost my job last year. I didn't matter how sick I felt, I was at work --- there weren't too many other employees to spread germs to and I usually wasn't in close contact with many people so it was mostly a matter of my own discomfort. I just tend to be dedicated to whatever I'm doing.

  6. When I'm sick, I SLEEP! Feel better, Kristi!

  7. Go to bed...sleep...drink tea...sleep more! You can write when you feel better, silly girl. :-)

  8. Depends on how sick. Sounds like you need to be in bed. Go to sleep.


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