Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why He's the Court Jester

**You should watch this-do not need sound if you are at work, the visuals are enough!**
After careful consideration, the husband has been upgraded to CJ. However, he is still my court jester, and this is why.

CJ: I wonder if you can really do that.
ME: (hysterical laughter)
CJ: (deadpan)
ME: Seriously?
CJ: Yeah, I mean...what else would you do if the class pet dies in class?
ME: Uhm, lie...tell them it's sleeping and remove it from the room before it started to smell. (hysterical laughter ensues.)
CJ: What?! That's just mean. I'd rather be the hero than the dumbass that let the pet die for no reason. If there were two balloons, I would try it.
ME: Hysterical laughter to the point of pain.
CJ: Seriously.
Lots of hysterical laughter. This is why he can't be crowned King and why I could never let him go!


  1. aww I don't know who's more cuter - the bunny or your CJ

  2. That's too funny and right on the money. Seriously who would want to be the teacher on watch when the class pet dies?


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