Monday, October 12, 2009


Good mornin' USA :)

Ahhh, when I was young and limber, I took a gymnastics class and I performed really well. One thing I remember the most about tumbling is that you have to MAKE IT STICK. Your routine is important, the jumps, flips, splits, stretches...but even more important is that you have to STICK IT at the end. You MUST make that final leap, stay on your feet and throw your hands in the air with victory. You are judged by how well you make it stick.

I have made it a point to READ again. This is difficult with a royal court and a Jester that hates reading. I have read plenty of children's books out loud, and even a couple of MG's to myself. Research, ya know? But the books that I like, full of suspense, murder, mystery, crime, forensics, conspiracies, I don't get to read as often as I'd like.

Now, I recently finished a book that held my attention all the way through. It wasn't "unputdownable" as some would say, but it was well written and a good story. But, when I got to the end, I was terribly let down. There were a few subplot ideas that weren't wrapped up. I even had to go back and read a few chapters over again to make sure I didn't miss it. So, would I recommend this book to my friends? Probably not. (You notice I'm not asking my followers to run out and read it)

I probably don't have a lot of professional advice to offer on this, as I haven't completed my novel, YET. However, I do know that I am constantly making notes to remember to "wrap up" certain parts of my novel. I even found a character that I introduced in chapter one and then never spoke of him again!! I had to either delete him, or bring him into the story more. I noticed a conflict or two (minor ones) hadn't been resolved. Time to resolve it, or delete it. Is it really necessary to understand the plot? If so-tie it up, make it stick. If not, DELETE.

Is there anything you do when you are at the end of your novel to tie it up? Any foolproof plan on how to Make It Stick??


  1. I also have a character I mention early on and then never again. I'm changing him to someone else who does play a larger role in my story. I hate it when books don't wrap everything up at the end. On my next read through I'm going to pay special attention to that.

  2. Some authors leave a thread hanging if they have a sequel coming out. You might check the authors website to see if they do.

    Since I write short contemporary romances, I do work hard to wrap all the threads up. Mind you, with it being short 5-6k, there aren't a whole lot of secondary threads to wrap up, anyway.

  3. I worked hard to wrap up all the loose ends at the end of my novel. I still don't know if every single plot element is resolved.

  4. Eileen-I did check to see if there was a sequel as this was a popular author. It was not part of any series. At any rate-I don't claim that I could do any just left me feeling, incomplete, at the end of the book, ya know?

    Natalie-I imagine there may be some things left unresolved, often our own lives follow such a pattern, unresolved conflicts. As for your novel, I imagine your fabulous agent would have caught any such faux pas :)

  5. Kristi, I haven't made it to the end either, but when I do I want my reader completely satisfied.

    Happy writing!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Tamika. I look forward to reading your blog. :) And-happy writing to you!

  7. Kristi, Super post, pal! And I have read a book like that recently. Also, someone else in our blogosphere blogged about that a while back. I think it was Tricia over at Talespinning. At any rate, I hate that feeling, like I'm left hangin' forever! GAH!

    Thanks for your prayers about my son. And for saying I'm strong. I'm so glad I know you! Hey, have you ever visited my friend Danyelle over at Myth takes? I thought you and she would really get along. She writes fantasy. :)

  8. I am on the way to check those out! :) Thanks for the tip ;)


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