Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Snapshots

Wow, we made it through another week. I'm tired, but still truckin'. How about you?

I had tons of fun with the Fill In The Blanks yesterday. However, I realized that it must be a real pain in the patooty to have to copy and fill in all of your answers. So, I think next time I do it, I will try using Google Docs, which will make it easier for you!

Speaking of Google...I love it. I mean, all the different programs and neat little additions here and there. It is my homepage, my reader, my mail, my...well you get the idea. I'm glad I finally gave in the my initial resistance and opened my mind to learning something new. Go me. :0)

Two wrongs don't make a right, but they sure make a good excuse. ~Thomas Szasz

The young prince has a new nickname....Fat Butt...thanks daddy.

"Peace Out!"


  1. I havne't delved into all of the benefits of Google yet - although it is my home page & mail program. I keep hearing about Google reader & wave & ... but haven't used them. Maybe I'll have time to check them out in the summer :)

    Great photos!

  2. Google is the greatest! I love the cute pics. :-)

  3. Jemi: I'm slowly stumbling through it all :)

    Shannon: Thank you!


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