Friday, January 15, 2010

Fill in the Blank #2

Hey Laurel! I'm glad you enjoyed, here's your story!

I start my day at twilight. The mole rats and ibexes want their turkey curry(ala Bridget Jones). Andromeda yells for a protractor and I still haven't had my Kool-Aid. My muse is stripping in my nostril so I boot up the creamy trampoline and grunt at the screen. Billy Bob starts pirouetting gleefully. It's already time to bury the Library of Congress for my wig. I finally get silly string and realize I forgot about Jean Luc. School's out now and Grammy needs a cake that is due Wednesday. I have to get ho-hos and more clouds. Once home, I traipse 42 sentences and jilted dinner. The kids finally go to bubble and I back to flog.


  1. I forgot about Jean Luc! How could I? And you've gotta wonder what hubby cooked that was so terrible I jilted it.

    Ha ha ha ha! Thanks, Kristi, for bringing a smile to my face.

  2. MadLibs are fun! I use them at school to teach/reinforce parts of speech.

    Laurel - how could you forget Jean Luc??

  3. Laurel: My pleasure. :0) It made me smile for my Friday too!

    Jemi: That's awesome, I had a teacher that used them too. She got me hooked!

  4. Even funnier! Laurel gave more mad-libby responses. I shall learn from the master!


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