Friday, January 8, 2010

A Decade with Rhiannon

Dear Princess Rhiannon,
Can you believe we've made it ten years? I remember holding your squirmy body close to my breast, begging you to eat. Once you caught on, we were fine. You were the best. baby. ever. I mean it. After all, not many babies would put up with this at the age of nine months.

I never understood the true depths of love; so fierce it could physically take my breath away when I looked at you. You're my firstborn. The years fly too quickly and I learned that within the first year. On your first birthday I cried the night before, the morning of and the night of. I held myself together long enough to give you your first cake. Too soon, I saw a princess emerging...

The old saying of letting go that which you love suddenly struck too close to home. I held on tight, like I still do. But I've learned that sometimes I have to trust faith and let you spread your wings a little bit each day, week, month, year. Each birthday has gotten harder.

This isn't to say I'm not incredibly proud of the young lady you have become. Or that I don't dream of your future. Because I do, and I know you'll make it the best for you and anyone that has the opportunity to know you.

Happy tenth birthday, sweetie! I love much that I blogged about you...and you of all people knows what that means. :0) You're pretty darn special.
The mom you currently think is the best mom ever. It is in print and proven. You've said it, and I have it on tape. No denying when you are 13. :)


  1. At Every. Single. Stage. it is the best.

    Happy Birthday, Rhiannon! May all your dreams come true.

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Changing World

  2. Happy birthday Rhiannon- you're a tween! Enjoy - this time in your life is a lot of fun :)

  3. Oh, happy birthday to your beautiful girl! (what a lovely person to share my birthday with :)

  4. Oh my, I'm half way there with my little girl. It goes by too fast.

    Happy Birthday Rhiannon! I hope it's a great one!

  5. Yaya, where did you get your name? Do your grandies call you that? That's what my mom says. Thank you for commenting on my birthday.

    Jemi: I am?!?! My mom won't admit to it.

    Corey: Thank you, one time we can have a group birthday party. That would be fun. I've never met anyone with my birthday.

    Natalie: Thank you. You're really pretty. I have to get glasses like yours, and I'm kind of worried, but you look beautiful.

    So far my birthday is great! I got a cell phone (mommy insert-it is a tracfone, no texting, no internet, just talking to relatives in other states.) and a petshop online and my aunt is taking me to get my ears pierced!! Squeal! Thank you everyone, that is so cool you read my mom's blog.

    *spoken by Rhiannon-typed by mom*

  6. It goes by way to fast. My little princess will be sixteen in March. She'll only be home for two more years. I'm trying to cherish every moment. Tell your little one Happy Birthday.

  7. My soon-to-be stepdaughter just turned 10. It's a great age. Love the snuggie!!!

  8. Beautiful post!

    Happy Birthday Rhiannon! I hope you have a good time skating this weekend. Have your mom post some pictures ok?



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