Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Snapshots

Wow, roller skating really was a lot of fun. It was also so refreshing to see how busy the place was. I mean, it wasn't overfilled, but I was glad that some kids still do roller skate/rollerblade instead of....whatever it is that gets them in trouble. LOL

So, here it is...a short photo memoir. It was dark and I forgot to refresh the batteries in my camera. Honestly, I was lucky I remembered a darn cake.

Princess Rhiannon and the wall were very close for four hours. :0)

My absolutely adorable nephew. I mean, Hollywood....look out for this heart throb in the next 10 years!

Princess Kayla feeling a little unbalanced, but hanging in there anyway. :0)

And yes...I threw on roller skates for four hours. Am I hurting now? You betcha. However, it was a ton of fun, they even played a few songs from the 'days when I went to the roller rink every chance I got' Which is awesome.

Alrighty Cool Kids, Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!  Look for tomorrow's post, it will actually contain what I hope to be helpful information if you write with a partner or have a regular crit partner. :0)


  1. Oh, how I do miss those days. I used to go roller skating every chance I got. If I tried to put on a pair of skates now, I'm afraid body parts would just start breaking in anticipation and fear of the inevitable.

    Now, when are we going to be able to include virtual reality for some of those things I love and can no longer participate in? Soon, I hope.

    Great pictures, Kristi.

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Changing World

  2. I so miss it! I haven't been skating since the 1980's...when I went 5 times a week.

  3. We don't even have any roller rinks here anymore. The last one shut down probably more than 10 years ago. We had a lot of the rinks :)

  4. This is so funny: Yesterday I went to a kiddie birthday party at a skate rink, too! Really fun to be back on skates. My six-year-old yanked me down (poor guy was very apologetic), and I landed hard on my tail bone. Very fun, though I felt like I should be hearing The Eye of the Tiger, Playing With the Queen of Hearts, and Maneater.

  5. Looks like fun! When I was a kid, I lived on my roller skates. I imagine if I skated today i would be hurting beyond belief tomorrow- I mean I get sore after playing Wii! But you gave me a great idea for my girl's 8th birthday this year.....

  6. Yaya: The Nintendo Wii is working on it! :) My mom loves hers.

    PJ: Yup, if my mom would have let I would have been at the rink every waking moment. If I wasn't there, we had a great sloping driveway for me to practice on. :)

    Jemi: That's too bad. I was surprised at the amount of tweens/preteens that were there to hang out with their friends. It was kind of comforting

    Caroline: LOL They so played Eye of the Tiger! I remember the others you mentioned but they didn't play those, they did play Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi lauper's version) :)

    Erin: It was well worth it, trust me on that one. Even when the kids fell on their butts, they laughed and had a good time. They wore themselves out too! :) Now, I don't hurt as badly as I thought I would, but...I'm sore, I'll admit it. :O)


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