Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Musings

When I first decided to pursue this crazy art called writing, I had a three month old baby boy, an unemployment check and a magazine clipping for the Institute of Childrens Literature. I sent in the aptitude test and passed. My adorable and fabulously supportive court jester told me to get on the payment plan and go for it. We were at a point that we could afford it and hell, I'd been working the past five years, it was my turn to sit at home for a bit. Besides, I considered the first year of my kids' lives pretty important and managed to find a way to stay home for at least that long with each of them. I've been blessed.

I've written several good stories for the pre-school age group. I don't know that they are anything better than good, but I enjoyed my course through ICL and my instructor was a very positive and helpful influence. I also found the group at Writer's Retreat and learned a wealth of information in a short amount of time. I recommend any writing forums for beginning writers!
Some Links: Absolute Write Water Cooler.
Writer's Digest (includes a forum to meet and other writers)

I started blogging on myspace. Only, I wrote fiction. I started a story and would post additions to it each evening. That was fun, but then found out it might not have been so wise....So, I started blogging in the sense of stretching my wings on my ideas and beliefs and journeys as a writer. (I swear I have a point...okay...maybe I don't)

I went over those posts today and came to a couple of conclusions:
  1. I spent way too much time wishing, moaning, whining, daydreaming about the fact that I gave up writing when I was young and stupid.
  2. I realized I'm still stupid.
  3. I began with high hopes and fleeting conversations about the day we would go to Disneyland.
  4. I had to hit rock bottom before finding my balance and realizing my true love of writing.
  5. Damn, I am still that seventeen year old. Learn it all the hard way.
Now, what was my point in all of this? There are so many layers to the action of writing and the noun of writer. We are a crazy bunch. Crazy in love with words that can speak messages, make a person laugh, cry, think, escape. I think that makes us the best kind of crazy. But, we are also steady, dilligent, survivors. We wrestle with days of self-doubt/self-loating/self-pity (Do you see the 'self' repetition? Just checking.) But then we find a way to connect with the other self doubting/crazy writers in the world or we find a written message that revives us. We are a determined, incredibly attractive, creative, and insane race. Yes, I included attractive, for all of us.

My other point in all of this is that I'm going to dedicate Sundays to revisiting my blog posts, stories, etc.. and post some of them here to share all my misery and joy. Most of all, to share my growth. To let beginners know that it is hard, it is long, it's not Disneyland, but if you really love it, you will persevere.

"Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you're doing, you will be successful." ~Albert Schweitzer

 Oh-and since it's Random Day (not like every other day) What are the labels for at the bottom of our postings? Is this important? Should I have not stopped ignoring it? Anyone that wants to clue me in would be forever appreciated. Good prize, eh? (uhm, can you tell I figured out some other stuff??)


  1. Writing is art and it is a learned skill. The only way you'll fail is if you stop. Don't ever give up!

  2. It is hard work, isn't it? I think it's nice to know we aren't alone. I blog for the same reason. And about the labels at the bottom of the posts, well I think that when someone new stops by your blog, if they see that list in your sidebar, they get a better feel for what your blog is about. They can click on some of the topics they are interested in, and then determine if your blog is one they would like to follow. That's how I look at it. Does that make sense?

  3. Love this post, Kristi. My husband doesn't get how my mom and I can play scrabble endlessly, but you just explained it! I am crazy in love with words! What great way to put it.

  4. Very interesting. Just keep on writing. It would be a shame to lose your talent to non-writing world. --- Just Joany


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