Friday, November 6, 2009

Frivolous Friday

Nano Count: 9022

Yay, it's Friday. If you listen carefully, children and working adults everywhere are screaming with joy. You may have heard a few "squeeeee's" this week. I have heard of a book deal for or agent found for a lot of writers in the blogosphere this week. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is soo awesome. I will be contacting people next week to do some First Time Author interviews. I'm pretty psyched about that. Pop over and say congratulations to these talented and hard working, slightly insane writers. :)

Robyn Campbell
Corey Schwartz
Caroline Starr Rose
Lisa and Laura

If I somehow forgot you and would like a link in my blog-please let me know!!

Also-Maxine in Texas, that's my elementary school best friend!! I found her on myspace, we friended on Facebook and now I'm proud to see she is following my blog. :) Maxine was my first ever beta reader when we were in grade school. Remember, Maxine?? :) Check out her absolutely awesome blog on living green.

And in yesterday's local headlines for Knoxville TN, I saw this
Woman: Polite, knife-wielding robber in downtown Knoxville forced her to make an ATM withdrawl. Hmmm, at least he was polite?? LOL See, manners leave a lasting impression.

The best way to teach your kids about money is to have none. (I can't remember who said this, I know I'm terrible. But it was so hilarious, plus it gives me hope. LOL)

I love being a godparent. It's so cool. I adopted a goddaughter. She calls me god for short. I taught her that. ~Ellen Degeneres

And finally....on a heavier note, please remember the soldiers that died at Ft. Hood, TX yesterday and the wounded, and their families. What a tragedy, to have our military attacked by one of their own. Remember all of our soldiers, here and overseas. THANK YOU!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Monday.


  1. I'm glad it is Friday as well. congrats to all the talented writers grabbing agents and contracts. Good luck to you!

    The Ft. Hood tragedy hit really close to home. This is the base my husband was stationed at. We knew one of the men who passed. It is so incredibly heartbreaking to see the stress these soldiers go through and the HARD transition process from being deployed. Prayers for everyone involved.

    Thank you for mentioning this on your blog.

  2. Halleujah Friday!

    So tragic to hear of that news. I am praying for those families. My heart just aches for their loss. It makes me hug my family a little tightier.

  3. Kristi, you are always so thoughtful. Thank you! Am I the slightly insane one? :)

  4. Congrats on the word count. You are doing awesome!

  5. Of course I remember reading your writing! let's just not talk about our little arrangement ;)

    Thanks for the link and way to go on that word count!

  6. Kristi,
    Congratulations on your move into being an interviewer. I look forward to reading all about it.
    We are fortunate to have our men and women in uniform. Its just a shame that battle has to continue on the home grounds, too.

    Have a great weekend. --- Just Joany

  7. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, Krisi! Is Faith really your last name? How cool is that!!

    I see 'servitudious' in your side bar. It must be a word because my husband and I use 'gratitudinally yours' (me) and 'servitudinally yous' (him) !!

  8. PJ: My middle name is really Faith :-) I cursed it as a teen, but now I wouldn't trade my name for the world!

    Caroline: Of course, we are all slightly insane. I'm of course, totally insane. :)

    Susan: Thank you, I'm working pretty hard, and proud of myself-though I just hope to keep it going, ya know? :)


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