Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Internal Editor

After a particularly challenging day with my young prince yesterday, I was incredibly happy when he finally went to sleep, without whining and very little crying. As I vegged on the couch, it occured to me that there are a lot of similarities between my internal editor and my young prince. I've come to believe that my internal editor is a fourteen month old boy.

This is why:

1) He whines until I feed him candy.

2) He is always at my heels until I really need him.

3) If something stinks, it's my job to change it.

4) He whines until I give him something to destroy.

5) I am only truly victorious if he is napping.

6) He never naps long enough.

7) When I don't pay him enough attention, he destroys everything I've done.

8) When I try to show off his talents and tricks to others, he responds with a blank stare.

Time to get another pacifier.....:)

The other reason for this post is that sadly, I'm going to make a blog schedule. I hear this is all the rage for the organized folks. I don't know how well I'll make it, but I'll try.

Mon-Fri I will post something and Wednesdays-rather than wordless, will include excerpts of my nano novel. As for the rest of the week...well something has to stay random, right? :)

I also noticed I have some new followers and I wanted to take the time to say "HELLO!!" and welcome you to my little corner of the blogosphere. I always appreciate supporters. What number should I wait for this time before a blog party?? :)

Have a great Thursday, folks-we're almost there!

Nano count: 7446 end of day Wednesday


  1. Ha! Good analogy. Gotta get my internal editor to take a nap!

  2. Perfect Kristi! My internal editor never naps. Any suggestions?

  3. Great analogy, except for mine is a teenage boy.

  4. Mine is a teenage girl. And I think you can have a blog party whenever you want. It is your blog after all.

  5. Pardon me whilst I hog-tie my internal editor. The lil' varmint! Wish there were some way I could put him to sleep for awhile.

    Love the comparison. Aren't you glad that your little Prince is sweet and cuddly, though? Just Joany

  6. My two year old is currently trying to keep me from is my inner editor. :)

  7. My inner editors all want cars! Well except the 11 year old. And she wants another horse! ARGH!

    Great comparison Kristi.

    Thanks for saying the things you said to me over at my blog today. I really appreciate it. I hope nano is still going. *hugs*

  8. Very cute little guy you have. I have two girls, both grown and they have certainly always been editors of my life.


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