Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let me now bow down to Karma


To anyone that I said this to.... "I love organization. It's sort of a habit. It was worse before kids!" *uncomfortable laugh as they stare at me like I'm alien.* "Really, it helps when you have little time for things you love...you know, like writing."

You may, indeed, shoot me now.

I was not working a full time or part time job at this juncture, obviously. Or else I would have said something like this...."Time? Organization? I have. No. Clue. Please-do you want to babysit? Cook dinner? I just have to be to work and I'm there for four sometimes five or six hours to wait for BFF and ... I'm sorry, what were we talking about? I have to go...I'm late for something that I've forgotten...Oh, writing? What is that?"

I'm so, bitterly sorry. I should have known better than to smile over such blithe advice. As. If.

So, I unplugged and instead of doing a lot of writing, I did a lot of driving. I drove the kids to and from school. I drove both myself and my BFF to and from work, with the exception of once or twice when our schedules allowed us to 'switch' the car. I drive to the grocery store Taco Bell/McDonald's/Pizza Hut/Subway and get a healthy lousy excuse for a dinner. Then I got hooked on a little bit of this.....

(Thanks, Mom and sister for always having your anecdotes I didn't understand which forced me to finally sit down and fall in love with these characters. Not to mention to raunchy surgeries and...oh I'm rambling again, aren't I?)

And suddenly the freedom to not "need" to blog or email or twitter turned into a need for....uhmm... research. You know, lingo...dialogue. Uh...character building? Come on and understand.....

Good excuse, right?

I did get a lot of editing done and as proof, I'll show you that this isn't really the only thing I've done when I'm not at work...

That's a total lie. I edit when I'm at work waiting for BFF's shift to end or mine to start. :0) So when I'm at home, there's minor cleaning and a lot of....research.

The point to all of this is that I'm really tired from this working after not working for a year and a half. And it's not like I'm a health nut (Why God couldn't you give me that gene?)so I'm way out of shape. Kudos to all of you that juggle life, work and writing. I'm getting there and one day I'll be chipper again, but I'll never...ever...claim to be organized. Ever. Again.


  1. You share your dose of reality so willingly; I love that!

    You have to laugh, right? Or have a beer....or both?!

  2. I haven't watched Gray's Anatomy for years, but now I'm getting a craving to watch it again. Maybe after I finish this found of edits. :D

  3. You'll manage to do it all, I'm sure.

  4. I like to be organized. Staying that way is another matter entirely! :)

  5. I never was organized, so it's not something I lost with children, etc. It IS something I wish I was better at, though. Even just a smattering of organizational abilities would be appreciated. :-)

  6. I'm very organized though it gets to the point where it becomes stressful so sometimes organization isn't the way to go for me!!! I need to learn to relax a bit!! LOL

  7. Getting back into a new routine is really hard. You'll get the hang of it. :)

    Still - I don't know how women do it all. Working moms TOTALLY amaze me. And no, at this point I don't put myself in that category. Writing is flexible for me at this point, and dispensable when necessary.

  8. It will get better. It will get better. keep repeating!!! :)


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