Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Innocent Writer

Dear Innocent Writer,

Your prose is amazing. Keep going! I love the vocabulary you so eloquently insert in all the right places and the flowing paragraphs of descriptions will come in handy one day in the future. Those adverbs are lovely and do a fabulous job of modifying your dialogue tags so don't stop writing to go back and erase. This, there, was and were are common words of the English language. Keep going!

Wow, ten characters?! How original, unique and undeniably easy. Keep going! I love the cliques within cliques and the stories within the one story. One day it could be turned into a great Disney movies. Keep going!

Write, my innocent writer, write to your heart's content. Don't stop for petty rules and silly sayings. Whatever you do, do not doubt yourself or second guess the words flowing from your fingertips. Do not believe it is too hard. Remember, Stephen King started somewhere too and you definitely have the talent to be unimaginably rich and famous.

Do not think of the internet, email, blogging or really cool applications. You are a writer, a lover of words, a mother of literary infancy. You are Innocent Writer!

And once you lose your innocence, it will never be the same again. Rules and doubts, fears and outside influences are all waiting to strip you of this purity. So, dear Writer, please stay innocent for as long as you can...

Jaded Writer


  1. I've been lurking for weeks, but had to de-lurk to tell you how much I loved this post. Just what I needed after all the insecurities I have been putting myself through.

    Thank you

    ~ Rayna

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Cuz some days, I really hate those rules :)


  3. We all need this little letter once in a while. :0)

  4. Inspirational. every writer needs to read this at some point....maybe lots of points. :)

    Sometimes it's hard to write because there is SO much info out there.

  5. That was absolutely fantastic and spot on. I wish I could back to those innocent days. Now I'm almost ashamed to say it's drudgery. (It's not really but now I know the "rules" it gets harder and harder.) Thanks Kristi!

  6. True, that. Great post. Thanks. :)

  7. I absolutely love this, Kristi! Thanks! :-)


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