Friday, January 22, 2010


Whew, thank you for not asking any quantum physics questions. I was a little stressed out. Okay, onto answers!

Just Joany wants to know how I organize all my WIPS and notes pertaining to them. To which I reply, muah ah ah! If you really want to know my craziness, here it is.

In the My Documents folder I have several other folders.....Business/Crit Group/Sparkers/WIP/Complete 
Within Business is all things business related in writing. My tracking spreadsheets for submissions, worksheets that help me with writing, newsletters with important information, and once I make money at writing, the income/outcome (hehe) would have a spreadsheet within the Business Folder.

Crit Group: Pretty explanatory, this is where I keep my critiques from only the ladies in my group. And a copy of what I sent them with their critiques. 

Sparkers: This is where all of my ideas go after I collect them from receipts/notecards/napkins and grease spattered papers.

WIP: Okay, this is broken down into a couple of folders. When you open my WIP folder the chapter that I am currently revising, or the rough draft of a novel is right there. Within my WIP folder is a folder with the title of my WIP. Rough draft goes in there. Along with my first round of revisions. Another Folder is named Suggestions-this has ONLY the critiques for THAT WIP in it. If I'm working on more than WIP, which happens a lot, Each one has it's own folder within the WIP. Does that make sense? Each time I revise, I use Save As so that I still have the original before revised draft and the after revised draft. The before revised draft goes into the Titled Folder of that WIP. 
For Notes, I use a fabulous program called MemoMaster. It is freeware so please scan for viruses before downloading.(I personally did not have a problem) Anyway, it's a fun program to play with and once you realize it is just like note cards that you can organize into different a recipe's easy to do.

Joany-did that make sense to you? :0) I try to keep my filing simple, but sometimes my compulsion to over-organize gets a hold of me. No really, I went to therapy for this issue. It's a frightening and wonderful world in my head. :0)

PJ Wants to know what I think about not allowing loved ones critique your work. Here's how I think of it. Know your loved one. I watch American Idol and I watched this poor boy get up and squeak out a horrible audition for a song. He came out crying to which Mama immediately wrapped her arms around the boy and tells him they don't know anything. 
Uhm. *waving hand* I'm not a professional, but even I knew he flunked that audition! 
That's not the relative to give your manuscript to. The one that said you were the most talented, most beautiful and most incredible person in your whole family. That one loves you too much to be objective.

On the other hand, right now my sister has my YA novel. But, she's related to you!! Well, first let me explain my little sister to you. She doesn't care about mushy ol' feelings. She shoots straight if you are her mother or her enemy. Quite blunt, she is. Even wouldn't let me leave the house in my sweats when she lived with me. This isn't a bad relative to have read your manuscript-however, I still plan on getting one or two other beta readers.

Heidi wants to know how I feel about E-readers for personal use. Well, here's the thing. When I first ever even heard about e-readers, I wasn't writing. I was, however, instantly turned off, and angered! Get rid of my books? The smell of the pages, the sound of the spine as it loses stiffness from long night time sessions of reading, the feel of a book in my too precious to let go of. Recently, I read a blog by a wonderful writer who has her book published digitally only. Well. Hmm. I really want to read it and I can by buying and downloading it onto my pc, but it got me started on thinking about other authors who have books available only on e-readers. Am I letting down my fellow authors? I wouldn't ever want to do that! Even if I were never to be published, I will always support, not negate, writers.

It has also been brought to my attention that it is much easier to throw an e-reader into a ziploc baggie and read it in the tub. Now...THAT is a good thing. So, I'm thinking that one of these days, I might have to buy or win one. :0) 

You cool kids rock my blog! Stay tuned for Mad liber....Fill in the Blank Saturday tomorrow. :0) And author interview surprise on Monday! :0)


  1. Interesting stuff. I've got a pile of folders for my writing on my computer too. I like the Sparkers idea. May just have to add that :)

  2. Thanks, Kristi. I like knowing how others manage their writing lives. Sometimes, it helps me to add and improve my own. I'm gonna' check into the MemoMaster program. Thanks for the link.

    Have a great weekend.

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

  3. Jemi: The sparkers has really helped me to keep track of all the ideas that swim in my head. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're not, but even if they aren't good ideas, sometimes it will SPARK a better idea. :0)

    PJ: Anytime :) I had fun with it.

    Joany: You're welcome, you see I sometimes manage mine into an oblivion. LOL

  4. Wow, you are very organized! I need to do something like this:)

  5. Great post! Good thing someone invented folders or we all would be up a creek. I can't live without yellow sticky notes and index cards too. And lately I'm finding that the index card storage boxes are hard to find.

  6. Fun post! It's always fun to learn more about blogger buddies. Thanks for sharing - I wish I was that organized. :-)

  7. Let me clarify-I'm not ALWAYS that organized :0) But, I don't let things get too cluttered before I start my compulsive disease.

    Amy: Try the dollar store, or if you have something in your area called The Container Store, that's where I found the most index card sized plastic boxes. :0)

  8. Thank you for adding to our story! It just keeps getting better and better. :) Make sure to come back and check again later!


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