Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Snapshots

Thank you everyone for Rhiannon's birthday wishes again! :0) She was really exited reading the blog and the comments you left. I was surprised when she asked to reply to everyone. Oh no-we may have a future blogger on our hands. I really need another computer. I'm surprised she didn't ask for everyone's phone number after she answered this which was hidden in her room.

(first thing in the morning, notice the lipstick since she didn't have to attend school?)

And so the rest of the day was spent mostly like this:

*Parental note* This is a tracfone, for which she has to earn her minutes with good progress reports at school and behavior at home. She can not text or access the internet. I know it seems crazy, but most of her relatives are out of state which is the main reason she got it. :0)

Then Aunt Melinda called her(on her "personal cell phone"-that's a direct quote) and asked if she'd like to go and get her ears pierced. Of course Princess Rhiannon agreed with a quickness that shocked her mother. The only thing I've ever heard from her about piercings was she NEVER wanted one. So, she got ready and found a nice, warm, oversized sweater so she won't steal her mom's anymore. :0)

I totally panicked the whole time she was gone. I worried. I chewed my nails. I thought about dialing her cell phone a million times. Forced myself not to. The court jester laughed at me, but we're talking about a girl that needed three nurses plus me to get a shot.

Apparently she needed Aunt Melinda's influence and a cell phone to get over her fear....

And for the other two, never fear. They also had a special day:

*Fair warning, I will most likely post more pictures on Sunday instead of inspirations. I kind of love showing off my kiddos. :0)


  1. Looks like everyone had a great day. Well, except for Mom, who spent the day worrying. Hang in there, Kristi. Your little bird is only starting to fluff her feathers.

    Word Designer

  2. How fun! Happy birthday to your (not so) baby!

  3. Aw man! *kicks self* I missed sending birthday wishes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHIANNON! May you have your hearts desire all through your life. And you are beautiful, sweet and kind. No wonder Mom is so proud of you. *hugs* :-)

  4. Nice presents!! Lots of fun - earrings look great :)

  5. LOL, her pictures look just like mine did when she got her phone. What an exciting day!


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