Friday, January 15, 2010

Fill in the Blank #1

Thank you PJ! Here's your story...

A Day in the Life of a Writer:
I start my day at 6 am. The hippopotami and the cows are hollerin' for garlic. Sonja yells for fire and I still haven't had my milk. My muse is snorting in my elbow so I boot up the greasy lamp and endowing at the screen. Leonard starts painting leisurely. It's already time to dance to church for my dish towel. I finally get the glass slipper and realize I forgot about Wally. School's out now and my first cousin once removed needs a cake that is due Tuesday. I have to get tripe and more baskets. Once home, I watched 15 sentences and clobbered dinner. The kids finally go to salad and I back to hiding.

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