Friday, January 15, 2010

Fill in the Blank (Day of the Week)

A fellow blogger, Melissa @ Root and Sprout, posted about her child's Mad Libs. It got me to thinking. I LOVE Mad Libs. When I was in fifth through probably ninth grade, I ordered them from Scholastic. Hours of fun. Tons of giggles. Especially during those times when nouns like fart and verbs like ....well, I won't go there... were so popular. 

So, how about it? Wanna play? We'll call it Fill in the Blank though to avoid any copyrighting issues. :0)

Here's what we'll do-I'm going to write down the list that you need to fill in (IE: Noun, city, animal, verb) then I'll see how many comments I get (Where you answer the list) and I'll post them once I have ten comments or so-it's short because I couldn't spend much time with it. Perhaps next week?). :)
Have FUN and Happy Friday!!

Title: A Day in the Life of a Writer
Time of Day?
Plural Animal?
Plural Animal?
Type of food?
Girl's Name?
Verb ending in ING?
Body Part?
Boy's Name?
Boy's Name?
Day of the Week?
Type of Food?
Plural Noun?
Past tense Verb?
H A P P Y ~ ~ ~ F R I D A Y ~ ~ ~ FRIENDS


  1. Time of Day? 6am
    Plural Animal? hippopotami (let's make this a word
    Plural Animal? cows
    Type of food? garlic
    Girl's Name? Sonja
    Noun? fire
    Beverage? milk
    Verb ending in ING? snorting
    Body Part? elbow
    Adjective? greasy
    Noun? lamp
    Verb? endowing
    Boy's Name? Leonard
    Verb? painting
    Adverb? leisurely
    Verb? dancing
    Place? church
    Noun? dish towel
    Noun? glass slipper
    Boy's Name? Wally
    Relative? 1st cousin once removed
    Day of the Week? Tues
    Type of Food? tripe
    Plural Noun? baskets
    Verb? watching
    Number? 15
    Past tense Verb? clobbered
    Noun? salad
    Verb? hiding

  2. Thanks for playing! Look for your fill in the blank later this afternoon! :0)

  3. I'm in. Love, love, love Mad Libs. My hubby even uses them with his college students.
    Here are my random words:

    Title: A Day in the Life of a Writer
    Time of Day: twilight
    Plural Animal: mole rats
    Plural Animal: ibexes
    Type of food: turkey curry (ala Bridget Jones)
    Girl's Name: Andromeda
    Noun: protractor
    Beverage: Kool Ade
    Verb ending in ING: stripping
    Body Part: nostril
    Adjective: creamy
    Noun: trampoline
    Verb: grunt
    Boy's Name: Billy Bob
    Verb: pirouette
    Adverb: gleefully
    Verb: bury
    Place: Library of Congress
    Noun: wig
    Noun: silly string
    Boy's Name: Jean-Luc
    Relative: grammy
    Day of the Week: Wednesday
    Type of Food: ho-hos
    Plural Noun: clouds
    Verb: traipse
    Number: 42
    Past tense Verb: jilted
    Noun: bubble
    Verb: flog

  4. too fun! I may have to come back later today to play when I've put in my dues with my new manuscript. :)

  5. I don't have much time right now, so I won't participate, but I can't wait to read the results. Fun idea.

  6. Oh! I didn't make it back! Where did that day go???

    Still, I think this was a fun and very unique blog activity, and I LOVED reading your others!


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