Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Diggs

Sooooo it's a lot more boring than I had anticipated. Sorry. I'm just not going to the right places or something. I tried it exactly as explained on several different sites(for backgrounds) but they aren't coming out right. I figure this is something new in the meantime. You'll notice the sidebar is a tad smaller...I tried to compact everything to limit the limitless scrolling. LOL

Okay, this is my last post today, I swear!


  1. Yeah, I tried to do the same with mine, got frustrated, and switched it back to one of the blogger templates. :-)

  2. I feel your pain!! Oh man, if I could get back the hours I've spent on redoing my blog!!

    :) I love change though. And even though you probably won't settle here, I like it!

  3. Ah, simplicity is good sometimes. I have NO IDEA how to do backgrounds but luckily I have a friend who's quite good at it and she helps me out. :)


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