Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Shout Out

Today, I'm taking a little time out to blog about some people that we may take for granted sometimes. OUR FRIENDS

I'm a very social person, normally. Since moving here to Tennessee, I haven't met a lot of new people or made any new friends. My husband's family is here, and while some of them are nice, some of them are not. I had the unfortunate experience of being on the receiving end of some bad rumors started by his brother and his wife-which has left me turned around and upside down-and it has affected how I live my life. No longer do I search out friends.

THANK GOD, they searched me out. Those friends are my 19 (YAY! NINETEEN) followers, my writer's retreat buddies and my one very close writing partner. (Who is unfortunately not writing right now.) Of course, I still have my friends in California, who I miss terribly. Nikki-I love you, Candace-I love you too! Sometimes email and phone calls are not enough. Nikki could hug me like no other person I've known. She's the same height as I am, maybe a 1/4 of an inch shorter (which is short, People-I am SHORT) but she could squeeze whatever ailed you right out in the open. I miss feeling those hugs. Candace, she could hug me too, but she is famous for her LOUD-ness, LAUGHTER, and her smile. She'll do anything to make it all better for me. I miss hearing her laugh. I miss her little catch phrases that no one knew but me and her.

So, I wanted to send a proverbial shout out to them, but also to the many friends I've made within the online community. YOU ARE AWESOME! My comments are always positive, encouraging, relevant and hopeful. I hear things that I don't expect to hear. One in a trillion?? ME?? WOW! I had a wonderful email yesterday that lifted my spirits higher than they have been in months. You know who you are and I thank you to the ends of the Earth!

Is there anyone you may be taking for granted? It's human...we get busy with our lives, the children, the writing, the husbands, the carpools...and we forget to remind our friends (and ourselves) how much they mean to us. So, today, take a minute to give your friend-or friends, or online friends-their props for being there with you through thick and thin. (Me and Candace, Candace pictured...sadly-I have no pictures of Nikki)

Which brings me to the Silver Shoe of Sincerity Blog Award. I am passing along this award to Robyn Campbell. She takes the time (like so many of you) to always comment on my blog with kindness and of course, sincerity. It's hard to pick just one...I'll have to do this next week too!


  1. I'm so happy you are passing the Silver Shoe on. Robyn is definitely deserving of it. Oh, and by the way, I'm short too. :)

  2. I am very happy to be your friend :) I think it's important to have support in our writing journeys.

  3. Kristi, AWWWWW, thank you my friend. You have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you and I love you girl.

    Tennessee is a beautiful state. I'm sorry about the bad stuff. Forget those people that did you wrong. Concentrate on the goodness in your life. Those three awesome, beautiful kids. They're GORGEOUS. And your friends in CA. And us. Your new buds. :)

  4. Susan-I have finally come to terms with my height disability thanks to my husband who thinks I'm adorable :)

    Natalie-You said it! I'm so happy to have you in my corner, this is a lonesome journey sometimes and your comments and blogs get me through some tough days.

    Robyn-Yes, it is beautiful here in TN-very green. :) And of course, I have to agree that my kids are totally gorgeous. I never imagined I would have children that could be models-but I'm stopped all the time and asked if I have sent out their pictures to magazines. :) I love you too and I'm so glad to have all these new buds :)


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