Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Kind of Agent Do You Want?

I'm a sucker for American Idol this year. Actually, I think this is the first season that I've actually made it a point to sit down and watch it. I'm seeing a lot of parallels between the judges and agents.....So, for a quick post and hopefully great discussion; what kind of agent do you want?

Simon: He shoots straight without using the tact or one positive for each negative rule. On the other hand, this gives you the opportunity to go straight to the heart of your weakness and improve it. Must be thick-skinned and most likely willing to have most everything perfect before representation is offered.

Kara: She's the type of high fashion, slightly better than you agent. However, she will always call you 'honey' and try to be positive in the light of your failures. She would be the agent that is great for promotion and pointing out your strengths and weaknesses. She also tries really hard to be nice. :0) Must love shoes/clothing. This is the agent you call when you have a red-carpet event, but possibly not a grammatical error.

Randy: He's going to be your friend. He wants to guide you and see you grow and improve. He'll also point out your weaknesses with hilarity. He'll be honest with you, but he'll see the potential and make it grow. He's also one to see marketing opportunities.

Since I haven't seen Ellen judge yet, I won't make any assumptions. Except that I imagine she will make a lot of jokes on your suffering behalf. :0) All in that supportive, smiling, friendly Ellen kind of way. And then she'll feel really bad and buy you a car or something if everything goes wrong.

So, inquiring minds want to know. Who's your dream judge...err agent? :0)


  1. Definitely Randy. I don't have thick enough skin (yet) for Simon, and I really wouldn't want an agent who's only going to point out the negatives. I need a nice combination of both.

  2. I'm gonna' go with Ellen. Because she believes if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all. She doesn't like mean people.

    And, if nothing else, I could laugh 'with her' at myself!

  3. the great thing about Simon is that when he praises, you really know it's good. And while he's wrong every now and then, for the most part he knows his stuff better than anyone. Ir he says you're gonna make it, you know you have a pitbull in your corner.

    But I don't think I could work with him without killing myself.

    Kara I just don't trust. She seems to go on her emotions a lot rather than judging based on facts. And I think she'd care more about herself than her clients.

    Ellen - that would be like having your best friend as your agent: great for laughs and the ego, but without the ability to guide you or the connections to make things happen. Although a car might be cool.

    So Randy is the one I'd take, I think. He has the best qualities of all three in a more balanced package. I'd just have to grit my teeth if he kept calling me Dawg. :)

  4. Randy all the way. Sweet, but also honest.

  5. Heidi: Hilarious what you say about Randy. I almost included the "dawg" part in the blog. LOL

    I also agree about Simon-every contestant wants his praise because it means more than anything.

    So far, Randy is winning. :0) I think I would choose him too.

  6. I've only seen maybe three episodes of the show. As a classically trained singer, I find so much of pop singing really irritating. (Not that I love opera, but the folks who are screechy or really flat make me cringe. A lot.)

    However, I have to say I adore Randy. He's an insightful, kind, classy guy. He's exactly the kind of tactful professional I want to work with.

  7. I've never watched it, but based on your descriptions I'd definitely choose Randy. Ellen would be my second choice. :-)


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