Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fun

First of all, I seem to be having problems with my font and stuff and I don't know if I'm accidentally hitting buttons or what. So, please forgive me if weird things happen. :0)

I actually caught up on reading all of your wonderful posts! If I had been more....alone, I would have written down every one of interest and passed them on. I'm a bad blogger. I'm getting really good at blaming the young prince though. I also managed to sweep and mop the kitchen and vacuum...which includes picking up the thousands of scattered toys, dishes from my cabinets(tupperware, pots and pans-no glass), canned foods, the occasional baby spoon dug from the bottom of a drawer and then there are the princesses' pictures, pens, pencils, books, stamps, stickers, shoes, jackets, forgotten backpacks and wow, I'm tired.

Where's the fun, you ask? Oh yes, I'm getting to that. I did a wordle of the first five chapters of Tunnel Vision.

Wordle: RomanceIsn't it pretty? Yeah...not really. I see some way, way overused words and I'm embarrassed to admit that I submitted this to an agent. I made an amateur mistake. Well, here I thought I didn't...but I did. C'est la vie, la vie. We live and learn and maybe now the wild bug that attacked me and made me send out those chapters will have taught me some patience. :0) Fun lesson, eh? Thank goodness for Heidi Willis-she kept me off the ledge after my initial panic attack.

I'm pretty excited about next week. I will have a Tuesday review for you. I promise. I know I said that last week and totally flaked out on you. You are so merciful.
I'm hoping to announce a contest *fingers crossed* that will be awesome. Stay tuned.
February is also my nine year anniversary with CJ. We can't really remember the exact date of our first date, but we knew it was after V-Day. Oh and I do not celebrate that day, I'll blog about that too. Are you hanging on the edge of your seats with anticipation? No? Well...okay, I don't blame you.
I'm also going to have a characterization theme next week. Yay!

I'm pretty naive about things available online. I keep to my little comfort zone for the most part. Then I stumbled across Pandora. Have you heard of this? It's fabulous. Not just for a writing playlist (if you like to write to music) but for everyday use too. I am, so far, in love. I have this eclectic taste in music. I might like two songs by Snoop Dogg and also swoon to the deep country voice of Josh Turner. Find a radio station like that. Well, I made one for myself, err several. Just go here and register for free. Actually you do not have to register to listen, but you get more personalized options if you do. :0)

That's all the fun I can handle this Friday. I know, but I'm still recuperating and haven't had a lot of computer time to find anything I could share. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love Wordle. I use it several times during editing to see the size of my nemesis words. :)

  2. Don't you love the wordles? They are so fun!

  3. I love Wordle! Happy anniversary and I can't wait to hear about the contest. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Jemi: I've seen it a lot before, but never used it for my manuscript. I see the error of my ways! :0)

    Thank you for the happy wishes!

  5. Kristi, I loved the Wordle! Loved it!

  6. Hi Kristi,

    Don't worry. EVERYONE makes the mistake of sending out a manuscript too soon!


  7. Corey-thank you! Actually means a lot to hear that from a fellow writer. :)

    Shelli: I can't believe it took me so long to find it!

    PJ: Have you used it, yet? It's fun :)


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