Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fun

Woo hoo! It's Friday, kids. I had some incredibly good news last night and I'm dying to share. It has nothing to do with publishing or writing at all. I have a good friend that has been through some troubles for the past year and a half. Her father died a year ago and she hasn't been the same since. She's getting on a bus next week and going to come live with us. Now, we don't have a lot of room or a lot of money, but this girl is family. You know how it sometimes happens that you find a person who means so much to you...even when they let you down sometimes. Well, she's going to be here to help with the kids and my husband and the house so I can focus on writing. I'm so thrilled too that I'll have a friend here with me that I can talk to. Promise I'll still be here for my cool kids too, though! I have to be...look at these awards bestowed upon me last week!

Isn't he cute? I love a smart cat. Especially one that thinks I'm purrfect! Thank you to Jemi at Just Jemi and Shannon O'Donnell from Book Dreaming. I think you both are just purrfect too!

This Beautiful Blogger award truly flatters me, cool kids. Thank you so much to Jen at unedited. I love how her title is..unedited. :0) Take a visit to these blogs, please!

Tina Lynn at Sweet Niblets honored me with the Happy 101 Award. Thank you Tina, your blog is a happy place!

I can't recall the rules of each award, but I do know that the happy one is ten things that make me happy and the Beautiful one is to write seven interesting things about myself. I think I will combine them. How's that?

Beautiful Happies
1) IF it is fairly warm outside....I never ever miss an opportunity to dance/play in the rain. There is something so cleansing about jumping into a puddle and feeling droplets of water shower you. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have told you this.
2) My second child was born with an extra pinky toe. It was very small and very freaking cute! I can't help it. We did have it removed so that she could wear shoes and not be made fun of. The joke is that we cut out all of her niceness when we cut off that little toe. It's her favorite story.
3) I have been told by now friends that when they first 'saw' me that I looked like a real... well...bitch. It's always "shocking" that I'm so friendly. :(
4) I was born in the same little town where I had princess Kayla. In the same room of the same hospital. Very odd...considering I was not raised where I was born. Weird how life takes us on so many paths..weird and wonderful.
5) Those hugs from my kids when I got home from work(back when I was working)are fading too fast and they were the only hugs that really worked.

I shall pass on the Award Love tomorrow! I'm just really tired. It's been a long and tiring day! I thank you all so much for your support. I hope I can continue to keep you interested. At least once in a while. :0)

"I have not failed. I just discovered ten thousand ways that don't work." ~Thomas Edison  (my new most favorite quote in the whole wide world..for now)


  1. That's nice your friend is coming. And when people meet me for the first time they say the same thing. I love that quote by Edison.
    Happy Friday!

  2. You have such a great friendship. Congrats on your awards.

  3. Congrats on the award!!! Yay for a friend moving in with you! I understand troubles and thats so kind of you, of course she'll be helpful in the process, oh what fun you'll have!!! I love awesome friendships!

  4. Writer: I know, when I ran across that quote, I was like.. YES! THAT'S ME! :0) And don't you wonder why people think such things about the way we look?!

    Christine: Thank you! I'm really excited to have her back here.

    Jen: I do too and they can be rare to find. Thank you so much for the award! :0)

  5. Oh, that's so nice that she is coming to live with you!

  6. Very great news!! I expect lots of writing to be done, now! :)

    I met my husband in the very same teeny tiny town I was born in, even though I left five weeks after being born and didn't go back until I was 24 - a week before I met him. Now I live in the town I was raised in, even though it was my husbands job that brought us back, and my kids will go to my high school. Very, very weird world!!

  7. You deserve awards. Someone should create an apple for the teacher award. Hmmmmmmm......

    I don't do awards or memes because I post everyday and every meme is a potential post, BUT I sure do enjoy reading them.

    I'm having a big drawing for BLOGGERS only, who follow me this Wed-Sun. More than one prize and they're good prizes. I promise. Be there or be square, Miss Kristi.

  8. That was horrible grammar! I having the drawing for entries from Wed -Sun.....but only bloggers who follow me are eligible. I'm honoring my readers. ;)


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