Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't Forget!

2/22 Whoops! Blogfest hosted by Laurel's Leaves. Check it out, enter, blog about the most embarrassing, the clumsiest, the gaffes your characters go through. Or choose your favorite scene from another book/movie/youtube video. :0) All the details are over at Laurel's place.

Last day to enter the Marketing Mardi Gras-Link on my sidebar!
Last day for Elana Johnson's awesome query contest!
Yaya's first giveaway! Check out the cool prizes, they aren't your everyday gifts!
Win a signed copy of Some Kind of Normal by Heidi Willis (This book is soooo good!)
And I believe Larissa is still going strong with her 250 (now 400+)followers giveaway!

Whew, I think I covered everything. If not...leave me a msg in the comments and I'll post. :0)


  1. Lots of contests going on. I just hope I actually win one of them. :)

  2. Ooh, off to check out the contests!

  3. Lots of wonderful contests out there. You do such a great job of letting us know all about them!

  4. Thanks for the links & reminders :)


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