Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rules Rules Rules

I've seen a few blogs recently that have mentioned some key elements in blog etiquette and before I knew it I stumbled across more rules for blogs and then some great suggestions. You know the kind of suggestions. Strongly suggested.

I'm a pretty easy going person and I don't care to follow rules. Okay, I'm lying. I was the worst person about questioning the rules, pushing the boundaries and creating loopholes. *Aren't you lucky you weren't my mom?*

Anyway, I think most rules are self explanatory. To comment regularly on blog posts you enjoy, use your manners and be respectful. It's a lot like life, you know? It's also a lot like a big conversation between you and however many hundreds of people that want to stop by. So, you should always keep in mind that if you don't want someone to know about what you write, it's best to ... well, not write it in a public blog.

But, I start feeling the stirs of rebellion when I hear of things that aren't necessarily offensive that I shouldn't blog about. Let me try to give you examples.

I do not and will not blog about:
Politics-I hardly understand the crap myself
Religion-I believe in God, but I welcome all walks of life, religion and tradition. I believe I have blogged once about spirituality once when I included a video of some awesome performers. So-I break my own rules.

Uhm, I think that's it. I love to talk to my fellow bloggers and I enjoy finding out some personal information along with the other great stories, photos, videos and tips for writing or life in general. I like to celebrate with you when you're happy, commiserate when your miserable etc...

So why list rules like, "Do not celebrate having followers/supporters" "Don't give me any sob stories" and the list goes on...apparently. I understand how awards can be overwhelming when you have hundreds of followers and you are just that awesome. I know that constant sobbing over rejections/boredom, bad writing..fill in the blank...would be a real downer. Yes, if I mentioned my number of followers on a constant update, we might wonder if I'm a tad narcissistic.

To all things, a balance is needed. Don't celebrate every follower in every post. *Though I have seen blogs that welcome their new followers by name, which I think is awful sweet.* But....I don't know about you, but when I started blogging in September, I had 6 followers and it seemed to stay that way forever. Then all of a sudden, we all started to meet and now I'm at -------->that many which is TOTALLY mind blowing to me. And the occasional sob story, I want others to know I go through misery too. I don't mind to see someone blowing off steam or stress or tears on their blog once in a while. Life is tough. On all of us in one way or another. I empathize and want to support my cool kids the way I would want to be supported. Ya know?

For the record, I'm not putting down anyone's choice of rules for their blog. Some want nothing but professionalism, and I get that. I really do. But why expect everyone else to blog the way you do? (I say 'you' in the collective of people that make rules. LOL)

As a writer, and as fellow humans, we are emotional, sensational, dramatic, religious, political, optimistic or pessimistic. We probe humans to make up our own characters. Why not learn a bit about each other's ups and downs?

I would like to end this post on a positive note. I love every single one of your blogs that I follow and I'm pretty sure I follow everyone that follows me (If I don't, please correct me in the comments and leave your blog address!!) And if my rules irk you, it's okay. I will break them eventually.


  1. Feel free to make or break any rules for your blog that you want to - I'll just follow you anyway! :-)

  2. Yes commenters should be civil, but sometimes I don't mind if they push the envelope in their disagreement, but if they get offensive then ZAP--they're deleted.
    I avoid politics, but I have gotten into religion since I do incline in that direction, but I try not to offend.
    On Thurdays I post a debate topic. Sometimes I think the topic is too heavy, but I enjoy good discussion and I seem to get some of my longest responses on those days.
    Before I reached 100 followers, I was pushing for that milestone mark and would mention it a lot. Now I've made the 100 and don't mention it other that early on when I said I wanted to get 200 by April first-- but I don't push it anymore like I used to. I do think it's cool when I see more followers join up though.

    I'm kind of like you, though, I don't want people making rules for me cause I like making my own rules for me.

  3. I only have one rule for my blog. I like to keep them pretty short. That's only because I know a lot of my followers follow like a zillion other blogs, so I just blog little bits.

  4. I'm one of those Bloggers who mentions new followers by name! Then again, I get one (maybe two) new followers a week, so my posts are not saturated in greetings. If ever I get to be so popular that I'm gaining ten followers a day, I might temper that inclination.

    I hope I have a nice balance of happy, mundane, and whoa-is-me type posts. I try to keep my blog strictly about writing, so there will be some ups and downs. But when I had a personal blogs, I kept politics and religion out of it. And I let the occasional naughty word creep into my posts, but I try to keep my mouth under control, too. ;-)

  5. Hey Kristi -- Are you tryng to tell me something? LOL I mean, I mention my new friends by name but at least I serve food over there!!! LOL. Wait until you see what's going on Friday!!!

    I agree with you 100%, no politics or religion. They have other blogs for that. A mutual amount of respect is expected, I mean if you were at someone's house for brunch, or a cocktail party, you wouln't go all talk-show host now would you? And I only usually have a breakdown once a month -- but which one of doesn't? Great post.

  6. Shannon: Thanks :0) It's so wonderful to know you are sticking by my side.
    Arlee: I agree with you 110% that comments can be argumentative, but not disrespectful. And I'm totally addicted to the Cool Kids # rising. :0)
    Tina: I try too...but I tend to blabber too much. LOL
    Melissa: I think it's cool to greet new followers. Wish I had thought of it (wink) And I love your blog. You have a great mix of writing and personal going on :)
    Writer: I couldn't possibly mean you! :) I love my danishes at your blog. Breakdowns-I have several each month, but try not to blog about each one or people would really know I was nuts. :0)

  7. If each blogger is true to themselves, readers can make the choice whether to follow or not. Rules Schmules.

    I do love my included. You get a feel for each regular as time goes on. I enjoy that part very much!

  8. I think most people will gravitate to blogs they like - if someone doesn't like the rules or the way someone does their blog, then too bad :) - they don't have to visit!

  9. Don't think you can get rid of me THAT easy!

    Thought you might like to know I'm having my First Giveaway! I do hope you'll join in the fun.

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

  10. I love your blog, rule breaking and all!!! I think it's up to each bloggers disgression, and if someone is offended then I guess they wont have followers!

  11. Always enjoy what you do here. I feel like I get a real sense of YOU.

  12. Interesting topic, Kristi. I kept a personal blog from '01 to '06 and felt a great deal of restraint against ever talking about faith, partly because there was so much infighting going on in our denominiation (and still is, sadly). When I looked at starting a blog about writing, I knew I couldn't entirely evade faith topics any more. It's a huge piece of the underlying thematics of my work. So I've gradually worked in religious topics and on the whole my blog readers accept that as part of my "platform" as a writer of YA that's edgy, literary and religious.

  13. So many people who create "rules" need to get lives. The blog is the blogger's personal space -- no one else has the right to try to censor, and visitors must be respectful.

    Are there things that make me not return to a blog? If I have to jump through hoops to comment or can't comment, or the blogger vanishes for weeks or months without a word.

    You've got the right to write about anything you want. And if someone doesn't like it, they can POLITELY leave. But they don't have the right to tell you what you can and can't write in your own space.

  14. Great post Kristi! I know, it gets old hearing that there are "rules" you have to follow. But you know what? It's your blog...I say write about whatever YOU feel like writing about. I'll still visit ya!

  15. Ha! I love it. I try to stay away from religion and politics (mostly) too. I don't think there's any right or wrong way to blog. It's all about getting to know people. And to get to know you, you have to be yourself. :)

  16. Wow you guys are the coolest. You know it? :0) I've thoroughly enjoyed everyone's comments and I'm glad to know you'll all stick around with me through the ups and downs. :0) I wouldn't have it any other way, honestly.

    Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

  17. There are RULES to blogging? Two and a half years in and now ya' tell me! LOL!

    Happy Thursday (it's almost FWFD of the week!!!)

  18. I have an award for you at my blog!

  19. I didn't know there were rules either. Thanks for setting me straight. But wait...No. Your blog. Your rules. I'm so shameless I'm having a giveaway to gain more followers.

    I found you through Tina-Lynn's blog. When she mentioned her awesome followers.


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