Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Ba-ack!

Here I am, I know I disappeared for almost a year. Well, I really didn't disappear. I stayed right here in this little hole of my home...but it's a home. But now I have a computer and internet access again so it's time to start writing! Right?! Uhm. Well. .... Maybe.

So far, the jumping in hasn't happened as quickly as I had hoped. I figured I would start with a blog post since going over old and abandoned WIPs didn't appeal to me. And, I've written about five piece of crap blog posts that I immediately deleted.

That fear has taken hold again. So, I'm making this a short and sweet post. I hope to be writing again, and lots, soon! I can't wait to catch up...or at least rekindle and reconnect with fellow bloggers. Until next time....Lots of love blogosphere, I have missed you!!


  1. I've missed you too, Kristi! Hope all is well in your life. As for your writing, go where your heart wants you to - maybe even start something new :)

  2. I was just here no so long ago....don't worry, it will come back, better than ever! Promise. :) Welcome back!

  3. Well, hello again. It's nice to see you back. Like Jemi said, just go where your heart takes you in your writing.

  4. aww it's so good to see you ladies again! :) Thank you so much for the encouragement. I think my work schedule will calm down next month and that is going to be a big factor in having the energy to sit upright at a computer to write witty antecdotes! LOL

  5. Good to see you again Kristi. Sometimes a long break is what's needed. And I also agree with Jemi--keeping it fun and where your passion lies will help keep the fear at bay.

  6. Well hello there stranger! Imagine my surprise to see your little blog pop up on my list after so long an absense.



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