Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A few tears...

Ok..truthfully...I have cried more in this past week than I have in a very long time.

The first breakdown occurred at work Saturday night but that was pure exhaustion coming out.

Monday night was fifth grade night where the staff held an awards ceremony and social for just the fifth graders. I thought it would be like any other award day. Boy was I wrong. One of the PTA members put together a slide show of the students as they grew throughout the years. Immediate tears! The music choice alone had me weepy...add pictures of our children's happy smiles and experiences as they blossomed into fifth graders and sheesh!!

Then my beautiful little girl was honored by a WWII Veteran with am American History award.

And then I wrote a poem just for her. It brought me to tears again..and poetry is not where I excel! I want to share it here as well.. in case Rhiannon loses it along the way :)

I remember the day I brought you home. You were tiny and perfect; God gave you to me and I called you my own.
Much too quickly you were a baby no more and I held onto your hands as you practiced walking the floor.
Before too long school days came to call. I cried knowing I wouldn't be there to catch your every fall.
Each year continues to fly by; I never really imagined the day you'd be tall enough to look me in the eye. There are times I know I yell louder than I should. Some days seem to be nothing good.
However, in my life as a mother, I've always found the world to be a brighter place with your smile around.
On this special day when I know you've risen to every challenge along the way; I wanted to have the chance to tell you that I'm proud of you in every way!


  1. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter. Glad you wrote that poem mom...My daughter's last day of high school is today...and I find myself wide awake and aware of every they are all just galloping by.

  2. Such a bittersweet time, for sure . . .

  3. How wonderful. I always tell me kids, "I want you to grow up but not too fast. I want you to grow up just right so you can enjoy your childhood and I can too." Lil'Gal often repeats this to me and Farmer, Jr. on an unexpected occasion too. :-)

    Congrats to you and your beautiful family and all of y'alls accomplishments!

  4. Seemed like a very sweet day :D

  5. Now that you have a computer again, once you get the monitor working, it is time to get back to blogging. To start you off - You've been tagged. Head on over to my blog to see what that means. ;-)


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