Thursday, March 22, 2012

How On Earth....

Holy Moly....

I read about 12 blog posts, scanned a couple and emptied my reader list for the morning. I went to work. I worked an ODD shift until about 7:30 and came home to 70 unread blogs.

Yikes! How did I keep up with all of this before?? I was still working..posting less, but still posting, writing a little, reading a was all under control.

Or was I delusional? Am I delusional? It's best to step away from that question, I think.

I will say now that I most obviously can not comment on every blog that I my apologies in advance. I do realize and understand that blogging is part conversation, part "listen to me rant" so... (just kidding...I find so many very helpful blogs that are not all about "listen to me rant")

I will also say that blog has nothing to do at all with writing...except for the lack of writing. And my sudden obsession with ....

I write a lot of fiction at work.. ."Great teamwork!" haha

Until my next brilliant outburst.... I'm going to read some more blog posts!


  1. I hope you are writing Kristi!

  2. Welcome back!! Sorry you disappeared, great to have you back!

  3. I go too long without writing. I'm taking April off and hoping to finish up three projects.

    I'd like to take the month off the day job too but, you know how that goes :)



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