Monday, January 31, 2011

Old Words, New Inspiration

I was searching frantically for my server book earlier today when I ran across a torn scrap of paper with a few sentences written on it. The handwriting was sloppy, like I had been in a rush to write them down. I still can't for the life of me remember writing it...but I do remember the reasons behind this rushed story idea.

My eleven year old has a heart of gold and it seems to get her into some sticky situations at school. She tends to choose the outcasts as her friends and takes some teasing for it. While I commend her for being a friend to someone in need; sometimes those friends aren't so good for her.

Toxic Friends Forever was the working title and this the first sentence: So, either I am such a different person I no longer like the person you are, or you are such a different person that I no longer like you. 

I can't even describe the excitement that flooded my brain. I couldn't wait for my quiet time to get home and start re-working on my old project. I've tumbled the words over and over my brain and thought of the many different directions I could take this story. I have that rush again to write a good story and the feeling that maybe it will be a really good one. :) 

My question for you is this; Do you jot down short ideas or keep a journal of sorts that can inspire you when you're feeling the itch for something new? Or do old manuscripts sometimes spark something new within you that gets the muse all fired up and ready to whisper sweet nothings over your shoulder?


  1. Inspiration hits me at such odd times, but I am bad about always having a notepad and pencil at the ready. I've lost many a brilliant idea that way. You'd think I'd learn!

    PS - Love that working title!

  2. I do a mixture. I have a little notebook or rather a bunch of notebooks that I write things down in but sometimes I just sit down and get to it.

  3. Even though I carry a small notebook and have pads of paper in every room in my house, I have little bits of paper everywhere. Once a week or so, I put them into a box for when my brain is jumbled and I don't know what to write first. Sometimes I forget I'd written them and feel the same excitement you described. It's almost as if someone else wrote those little clips! Lol.

  4. I'm with Denise, I carry about notebooks, tablets, and notecards and I have them stashed all over the place and yet, I have little scraps of napkins, or paper everywhere. I now have an "idea bag" that I have taken to tossing them into. Its sad. I want to be organized....


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