Friday, January 28, 2011

EUREKA!!! Part 2

So to follow up on my previous blog about the discovery of this new phenomena I've been experiencing; I'm writing today about my lack of a complete solution. However, it's also an acceptance of my situation that helps me out a lot.

First of all; there are certain truths we hold to be uhm..truths. The kids/husband/plumber/electrician/internet service/brand new episode of some favorite show/the need for food will all inevitably interrupt your writing time. Accept it. Love it. Live it. Learn it.

In my situation; the Court Jester has a degenerate hip disease which causes him much pain. Therefore, his load is a *tiny* bit lighter. Full time Dad is no easy load.

 There is a lot more to a disability than the physical aspect. His disease also creates a lot of mental and emotional distress. He gets tired of sitting at home and therefore when I'm home from work, he really enjoys having another adult to talk with. *conflict* I have so damn much to do when I'm home from work that sometimes he ends up feeling a tad left out. So then when I think about sitting down to write...I feel a tad bit guilty.

SOLUTION: Re-communication. We both fell out of our routines and neither of us really talked about my writing much anymore...bills, kids, bills, work, kids, bills is about what was happening. When we talked I found out that during the Prince's naptime he would really love to go out to his garage and piddle around. It's a short amount of time and with the weather slightly warming, it's a little less painful. So we agreed-he will go and piddle; I will write. If he doesn't go out; I will still write. On my days off, I have two hours allotted to me of guilt free writing time.

Next conflict: I had lost all self-discipline in finding those stolen moments and grasping onto them with both hands on the keyboard. I think the solution there is simple enough. This is why I'm writing this blog post at 1:50 in the morning. I haven't quite wound down from my night at work. Instead of watching TV...I'm blogging. I might only write one sentence. Two words. But I will be writing when the rest of the house is sleeping. This is only solved with self-discipline. This will be the hardest part of this process of weaning myself back into writing again.

But I'm glad to be more conscious of why I had such a hard time writing for more than a few minutes at a time without losing all concentration. It's not really them. It's me.


  1. This is the second post relating to the importance of communication I've read today. Good for you! And, though I couldn't do 1:30 in the a.m., kudos for finding the stolen moments.

  2. Good post Kristi - it's so hard to find that balance and a routine that works for the whole family. Re-evaluating on a regular basis and really talking is a great idea!

  3. You juggle well; you regroup well. Good for you; and you have to find 'me' time guilt free. We all need a little bit of time just for us and not revolving somehow around every on else. :-)


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