Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To blog or not to blog

Okay, seriously. I'm not going to delete this post.

I've written about ten blogs in the past few days and then discarded them before ever hitting "publish." I thought of comparing me and Scrooge as I'm terribly un-prepared for December-but it kind of turned into something darker than I intended. And rambly. Do you do that when you write?

Then I wrote a post about work, because let's face it...the restaurant business is stranger than fiction. But-well, I've had enough of that and comparing hot food to hot books just didn't come across the way I wanted it to.

I wrote a post about how everyone is posting such great content. Then I got depressed. I'm not posting such stellar things lately.

Which leads me to my point.


Writers write. These two words are on a notecard that was taped to my computer monitor for a long time. Long enough that they aren't taped there anymore, but I still see the ghost of those words floating next to my screen.

We just need to remember that with those two words come a lot of things. Grocery lists, emails, blogs, status updates, re-writes, permission slips, rough drafts that are crap, second drafts that are slightly better crap, tweeting, love letters, hate letters, opinion letters to editors, letters in general. That's a lot of writing we do, isn't it?

So it's okay to let go and know that you might not write a novel a month or every other month (or maybe you do and if so, please pass that magic to me) but you write. And you write some more. It's no wonder that sometimes we wonder what in the hell to write about.

And now I'm done with my rant. And I'm going to publish this post even though it got all long winded and pointless. You still love me, right?

 I'll be blogging intermittently this month-just like last month. As I've explained, time keeps on creeping in despite my protests, so I'm giving in. I'll write. Because I'm a writer. But it might not always be great. Or relevant. And it might not always be in a blog. But know I'm thinking of you and wishing you all Happy Holidays! :)

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  1. Oh, I have weeks like that! (Where I delete every single post I write!) Glad to hear I am not the only one :)


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