Saturday, December 4, 2010

NaNo Drain

Well, long time, no blog. I figure it gives everyone a chance to catch up on other blogs though, so it works, right?
I'm really doing this for you. Not for any selfish reasons at all. Right?

Seriously, though. I've been hard at work with edits and rolling a new idea around in my head. I did not finish Nano this year, and rather than feel like a failure...I'm pretty happy that Nano at least gave me a good kick in the rear end to get back into the writing biz. So..for me, Nano was a success.

How about all of my dear Cool Kids that stick with me? How was your month of November? I know many of you did not participate in Nanowrimo, but still had plenty of writing going on. Let me know how you're doing! And if any of you are experiencing that Nano Drain that I felt last year after completing a 50,000 word novel-it's normal. :) Give yourself a few days to get back to life before you get back to writing. :)

Now, I must plunge back into the business of laundry and getting to work on time this evening. Keep an eye out, I will have some great book reviews coming in the next week!


  1. I love nano! Like you - I find it gives me a real boost! I get much more energized in a month when life is crazy anyway. It preps me for the Xmas shopping season! :)

  2. I cannot nano, but I have heard many many writers speaking of the positive experiences they've had with it this year. It seems to be that the more people that nano, the more everyone enjoys it. Misery loves company I'm thinking.
    Congratulations on getting something great out of it.

  3. Hi! My first visit to your blog - I completed NaNo last year - this year I made it work for me - I did it long enough to get through the hardest part of a revision then I quit. In a way - this was a better NaNo experience this year - last year's book still sits quietly in its que awaiting my ministrations (like organize its utter unwieldliness)
    I just read your post on waiting - yep - I don't do that anymore but I have and I'm appreciative. I was a cook a lot too - more fun and even less money usually! yikes.
    Jan Morrison

  4. Glad to hear you're writing again! :)


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