Thursday, December 9, 2010


A year ago when I began blogging; e-readers were a hot topic. Would they destroy publishing as we know it? Many of us gasped at the very blasphemy of a world without the feel of a brand new hardback or well worn paperback novel in our hands. Then there was the whole money issue. Holy Moly! How would authors, us, survive on three dollars a book?? It's just not possible.

It's been a year and a lot of the debate has simmered down. Many writers have made their peace or kept their ground...but quietly and respectfully.

My BFF recently questioned me about my desire to have the new, much less expensive Kindle or the Nook.
"I don't know why you would want one of those? I doubt I'll ever own one. I just love the feel of a book."

I immediately manipulated the conversation, knowing I'd get a good blog out of this.

As a reader, I do agree that I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love the smell. I even enjoy the posture that seems to immediately sink into your bones when a book is in hand. I'll never give up print books. I don't think anyone will for a very long time.

As a writer, I see both pros and cons for the profession. I understand publishing houses being cut out of their profits. They work very hard at what they do for our names to be on a shiny jacket of a hard back book. Agents work hard, editors, writers...all of us deserve the money we earn. Which means, I should support all avenues of my chosen profession. E-readers with their e-books are a big part of that. Not to mention that I've now heard of many talented authors through their e-books. It's awesome that it brings a whole new level to debut authors. As a fellow writer, I want to support them just as much as the person that sells a million hard backs! It's good Karma, too.

So, will I toss aside the print and stay green with my ultra hip e-reader (given Santa is in a good mood) forever? Nope. Will I toss aside my fellow writers and tip my nose at the thought of an e-book? Absolutely not.

What about you? Have you seen the positive changes that e-publishing has brought to the world of readers? Or do you still feel strongly against it? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. In my opinion there is no way that books can be totally 'written off'. I am a proud Kindle owner (since last Christmas). Though, I have purchased probably 15 - 20 hard back books this past year for my own personal shelves and I've read 44 Kindle books. Some are in print/hardcopy and some are e-published only.

    I too have found some wonderful authors that I love via e-publishing. I think e-books are a good step to get authors out there and known while they are trying to publish their works in print.

    I also think it offers opportunities for the creative writer who yearns to be read but isn't interested in formal publishing to publish their works.

    So, I vote BOTH. Call me a fence rider. ;-)


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