Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Nano Tips and a Rant

*Just to be clear, I have not followed the cardinal rule of Nano...which I'm about to tell you*

Write as much as you can the first day. Try to get ahead of the daily word count goal even if only by twenty five words each day. (I have not done this)

Steal moments you might normally use for Television. (I still watched Survivor...and then some)

Stay away from the internet. (I party on facebook, cool kids.)

Okay, so there are my pearls of wisdom for the day. I haven't followed these rules, but it's because I think this story is going to explode in a few days and I might write four or five thousand words in a setting.

My rant is this;

I went to court with BFF to support her during the consequences of her unfortunate run-in with the law. (Also very minor. She's not really a criminal) The Honorable Judge called a recess but warned not to stay away long. I brought my book that I haven't been able to read in what seems like a decade. Perfect opportunity to crack it open.


Apparently. Reading is not allowed in a courtroom.

I'm very embarrassed/slightly irritated to find out this tidbit of information. I mean...really? I can understand not cracking open the book while court is in session. I totally understand why cell phones are to be turned off. But.....But..... a BOOK? It's not even an electronic one. Sheesh.


Boo on you, Mr. Bailiff/cop/guy that wouldn't let me read for the 25 minutes that the Judge was gone. Plain ol' meanness. That's all you are.

Okay, I feel better. Because you know I couldn't say any of this in court. I might have gone to the big house. Then I'd really be screwed on my Nano Word count. are you doing??


  1. Hmmm. No reading in court? I wonder why. It wasn't a newspaper. Strange.

  2. Krisiti, looks like I haven't been reading for a while (or not reading carefully). I thought your best friend was still in CA.

  3. Wow! No books in court? Now THAT seems criminal!

    Those are excellent suggestions for NaNo!! Good luck with it! :)

  4. Aha - but you're probably allowed to write in court, aren't you? A new legal thriller perhaps...?

  5. Eeek! I take a book with me everywhere I go; wheter or not I expect to get time to read it.

    Wow, no books.

    So, did they stop people from texting too?



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