Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Happened?

So, has anyone fizzled out, yet?  *meekly raising hand* job seems to be consuming my life. And it's not even that I'm there SO's just consuming my life. So is my failing fifth grader and my demanding second grader, demanding husband and wild two year old. Yup...haven't written in almost a week.


I also forgot to blog on Monday and I had a really good post in mind.

I forgot it.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and I will be at work from morning until night. Apparently, this is a big day for us at Applebees. Which is great. I need lots of tips. Plus, I really appreciate our Men and Women in the Service. I like that I'll be in a position to thank them all day long.

I won't be writing though. And really, I would love to have a hot tub, bottle of wine and my computer sitting in one room with the rest of the world on pause while I write (in between soaking and inebriating) and write and write.

My current story is giving me a lot of stress, so I think I will go back to last year's nano project and see if I can't make it perfect. Or...I am going to finish a different novel I started six months ago. There's a plethora to choose from.

How are you??


  1. Somebody told me on my blog that "November is just a month". Do the best you can and don't stress over not keeping to a schedule.

    Sounds like when you settle in to write, you get involved and are satisfied with the output, no matter how many actual words it is. You go girl :)


  2. Awww...that sucks. I hate when life get's in the way of writing. It feels like someone's cut off the oxygen supply. Hang in there. It'll get better.

  3. Hang in there, Kristi. One day at a time...

    I'm stressing about query wars! Ugh!

  4. I'm only at 11K, and some of that was written in October.

    Don't stress about the numbers. Just do what you can and know that it's more than you would have done without the added incentive :)

  5. I passed our Applebees yesterday and there was a HUGE crowd just waiting outside for tables. I thought of you. :)

    Life can get overwhelming. Focus on putting out the fires that are consuming everything first. The rest will come.

    I've been struggling with one of my daughters and school now for so long, and finally this year it seems like she's starting to find her groove. I hope you and your daughter soon get to a good school place too. It's a tough battle sometimes.

  6. The kids and homework! ACK! Lil'Gal is an A honor roll student. So, I was surprised when she brought home A-B Honor roll this six weeks. WHAT? If she's bringing home A-B then you know things are getting even tougher.

    Farmer, Jr. squeaked by with A-B (it was a LOT of hard work and studying). But, we started the first week of the third six weeks with an A in reading and a FAIL in spelling. *sigh*

    Where's the free time, right?


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