Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Hallow's Eve....

This is actually one of my favorite holidays....but this year with my schedule and some of the issues we've run into, it took a while to get to pumpkins. We haven't decorated the house this year because the Young Prince is a little unsure of all the spooky stuff!
 Here are a few fun Halloween Facts for your holiday! :)

1) Bats are associated with Halloween because back in the day pagans would burn bonfires on Halloween. The bonfires attracted mosquitos-which bats love to eat. It was not uncommon to see bats soaring above the bonfires.

2) Kids begging for candy (though loosely based on the pagans offering treats to the dead) was actually started in the U.S. to keep children from getting into mischief on Halloween.

3) The candy poisonings, apples with razor blades-though they did happen on Halloween, no children died as a result from trick-or-treating. The ones who did die, they found, had been poisoned by their own family-not a candy giving neighbor.

4) In Ireland, children carved faces on a TURNIP. When Irish immigrants came to the States, they found the pumpkin was much easier to carve. Hence, jack-o-lanterns.


  1. Dear Daughter was asking me all types of questions on the tradition of Halloween last night. After answering the fifth question to the best of my recollection I told her if she was that curious she needed to go look it up. LOL

  2. Interesting facts - I didn't know any of them. Wow.

    Loved the pictures of the kids and pumpkins.

    Good luck with NaNo Kristi. I'm sure you'll find a story idea.



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