Friday, October 29, 2010

Confessions of a Blocked Writer

All this talk of Nano is stirring my soul. I'm serious. There's a longing to write again that is just barely peeking from behind the wall I've been trapped behind for the past couple of months. Could it be there is a story somewhere for me?

I finally went to my Nano page today, KristiFaith if you want to buddy me, and I have to admit.....I got very excited. It's the wrong time of year, the wrong time of my life, the wrong everything....but my heart is a flutter. And it hasn't fluttered over a writing project in a few months.

Of course I have no idea whatsoever of what to write. I am sitting still and hoping not to miss the wisp of a muse that I can capture and perhaps coax bribe to sit with me for 30 days. Even as I type this post, my brain giggles. Slowly it is awakening. I hope it awakens in full bloom on 11/01!!

Now, I know several of my bloggy buddies who are not participating and here's the thing. I get it. I really do. And don't apologize for not doing Nano. It isn't a necessary part of your career. Seriously. Don't allow guilt to creep in. We are all on a journey (as I've been told by many wise cool kids) that is different from one another's but with the compassion to comprehend it better than non-writers. So, we support those who are not participating in Nano this month. In whatever you are pursuing this November; I hope it's successful!

And for those of you who do not know what the hell this whole post was about because Nano makes no sense to you.... Check it out. ;)


  1. There have been times when I just sat down and started typing random crap, waiting for inspiration to strike. And you know, it always does.

  2. I'm in the NaNo-No camp myself, but I wish you every success in fast drafting.


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