Friday, September 10, 2010

Letters to Life

Dear Laundry,
Please stop multiplying. I don't recall having all of these clothes to begin with. Also, if you could just hang yourself up, my life would be so much easier.

Piled Under,

Dear School Staff,
Why is it necessary to have breakfast so early? My children are going to starve if this keeps up!

Under Slept,

Dear Fellow Drivers on the roads of TN,
GET OFF MY A$$! err... Bumper

Highly irritated,

Dear WIP,
I miss you, truly I do. Could you just skip that garden scene? I know it's important, but we could find something else, right? I'm not really great at all this research while so much else is going on. If you could just magically write it yourself, that would be even better!

Missing You,


  1. Thank you for the Friday humor! And for reminding me to get the clothes out of the dryer. I don't have enough either!

  2. Love this. You and Candy both have me laughing my head off today. Ahhh, thanks, needed that. Wondering how we did get all these clothes. Am I rich or something? :)

    Oh, and I still say, "Let me make love to my books. Not a kindle." ;)

  3. Um...ditto to all of it (except the garden scene, of course) LOL. :-)

  4. Dear KF

    Really, I have been so patient, waiting faithfully, even giving you hints all the time and still...*sigh*
    I miss you too,

  5. I feel you!!

    Maybe you should make Friday your letter writing day. :)


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