Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Uh Oh

Here it is WIP Wednesday and I have not a drop to offer you. How selfish am I?! :)

Seriously, though. I've blogged before about stealing those five minutes here and ten minutes there to write when life gets so busy and hectic. I used to be able to do that without an issue. Here lately, I've been avoiding my WIP's because I know that I'll be interrupted, or the house is too messy for me to concentrate, or I'm feeling guilty about the lack of time spent with my husband and kids. What a dilemma!!

We all wear different hats. Mommy, wife, housekeeper, chauffeur, top chef, employee and friend. Sometimes it's a little more difficult to find that one hat that says, WRITER. I imagine it's sitting in our desk chair, patiently waiting for us to don it and get on with the fun stuff.

And so, despite the anxiety and the busy day ahead, I'll go work on a WIP, even if it is only for a few minutes.

How are you doing with your WIP?


  1. Wearing a lot of hats here too. I dance around projects, knowing I need a block of uninterrupted time (that I don't always have) to complete them. Only doing moderately well with the WIP - it is still in the research stage. But we'll get there, won't we? :)

  2. Well, I'll let you know how the wip is going AFTER the kidlet is back in school tomorrow! LOL

  3. What?! Nothing for me? Well, you are grounded young lady. You are not allowed to do chores or tend to anything other than the Laptop. ;-)


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