Thursday, September 30, 2010

I wish I may....

First of all....A huge thank you to all of my followers for

  1. Sticking around despite my slightly crazy and random rants...
  2. Always encouraging my slightly crazy and random rants...
  3. The kind words, prayers and general love I feel every time I read your comments....
  4. Still being here despite the list function being overused today
  5. Well...everything else. I just wanted to have 5 reasons....
(overused list function in use) I'm learning some things about myself that I could possibly have lived without knowing. Do you ever do that? stunning ability to ignore all things IMPORTANT when I'm in a funk. Kinda like an Ostrich with my head in the sand and I used to be the type of person...a 20-ish person...that met every challenge head on, plugged through the rules and red tape and rose above. *ahem* I'm not rising above lately.

So, I'm in the process of changing things. October is my "Face Your Fears" month. It's going to be really hard, friends. Superbly difficult.

But I want to be ready for November. Know why? I loved NanoWriMo last year. I want to do it again. I'm determined to be writing again with confidence by then. Because I'm going to make the changes necessary in my life to become Confident again.


  1. "Do you ever do that? stunning ability to ignore all things IMPORTANT when I'm in a funk."

    Gee Kirsti; you mean like when I'm feeling even vaguely human? Hmmm; yeah.

    I read your last post also (sorry I've been absent a while, but I haven't been blogging much - in a funk, ya know?)

    Ok, unsolicited advice time.

    Whenever I get in this funk, where I feel I'm not a writer b/c I have no inclination to open any of my WiP, or start something new; I blogfest.

    I click on my followers and commenters and find blogfests. A prompt. Then I link, usually with the intention of posting something already written to the blogfest theme. Prompts are great, right? Especially if there is already something written to post?

    Not always, but yeah, pretty much, I look at the excerpt and clean it up just for the blogfest. Specifically.

    Or write something short and specific to meet the criteria. A throw away. Short, long; doesn't matter. Writing with specific intent, just for me. If its crap and I don't feel like cleaning it up, I post it anyway.

    Because the writing is more important than getting it right. Sometimes I break all the rules on purpose. Feels good :)

    Or, just surf blogs that seem to be posting your issues. And make honest comments about how yucky you're feeling about that thing. And that feels good too!

    I like to think I'm unique as a writer, with unique problems that are specific to me. What I find in here - in the writer's blogverse - is that I'm so normal. And yes; that feels very good.

    So my real advice Hon, is: Don't sweat it. Don't feel obligated to "get over it" either. It will happen, in its own time, in its own way.

    Everything we do - not just as writers, but as human beings - has an enjoyment limit. You just need a break. The break doesn't have to have a specific time limit.

    I've gotten there with my writing also. I write for blogfests, I write posts. I do "writerly things" without furthering my novel writing. I'm doing character profiles (some people call that character arcs) for future reference because a career field interested me. I research settings and write purple prose. I critique and beta read (paying it forward, but also gives me insights on my own writing).

    Productivity can be an intimidating task master.

    And it seems to me you already have an excellent plan for whatever is ailing your writing - NaNo. So you're taking a break, saving up all your best ideas. Yay; good for you!

    Oh; sorry. I was looking around a bit here and I see in your Book Reviews section a review for THE BODY FINDER. I think I'll go check it out; I've heard a lot about that novel, and I really think I should read it. Maybe you should check out your old posts too, maybe recycle some so we can read up posts we (meaning newer followers) have missed.

    Recycle - good for the environment, good for the blog.

    I'll catch you again soon Honey. Keep the FAITH.


  2. You'll get there, Kristi - because you want to and you're willing to work at it! And because we ar behind you all the way, cheering you on! (((hugs))) :-)

  3. I used to be that 20-ish person too. I still face the fears and take things head on. But, sometimes I find myself hiding around the corner in hopes it will pass me by without notice. ;-)

    Hang in there!


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