Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Hang out with Dead People...

Happy Tuesday! Before anyone feels like I'm being disrespectful....I would like to add the following disclaimer to my post: These are photos taken in an inspirational mood. They are not meant to be ridiculing, morbid or mean in any way.

Okay, now to the great part!

I believe in ghosts and angels and demons and heaven and hell. But, sometimes I get so busy with life that I have those grown up blinders on. The ones that only worry about children, bills, jobs or lack of and keeping husband happy through the worries about money, yard work and .... money.

I was reminded on Sunday of how much I love cemeteries.

Serene and calm. Sometimes sad and yet very beautiful. I find it amazing how many different ways people show their respects for the dead.

I like the angels. They were children's graves and it saddened me, but it didn't feel tragic. The angels were there and obviously they were very loved to have such beauty surrounding their resting place.

A balloon flapping in the wind with the combination of a bare tree and a full one....well, it spoke to me. Gave me an idea for a story. Because this is how I think. How I really think when I'm not thinking about motherhood and being a wife and...whatever. 

I didn't get any closer to these as I didn't want to intrude on the family you see arriving in the back ground. But this scene gave me an additional scene to my new story idea from the picture above.  I can't wait to go back at sunset and see what kind of pictures I get.

This setting also spoke to my teenage self. The one that dyed her hair purple and read tarot cards. We talked that day and it was wonderful. She reminded me of how hopeful I always was. My downs were awful and tragic, like any good teen, but I always tried to stay positive. Optimistic that it would get better. She also whispered a secret in my ear that I was actually a very successful teen. She asked me to list all the things I used to get so passionate about. Angry about. Ready to change. She told me to change.

You know what...I'm going to listen to her. What about you? How is your day going? Voices in your head? Teenage self bothering you? Got new inspirations? Tell me all about it!


  1. Cemetaries are beautiful - they hold so many memories, so many stories. A good place to find some peace and some time to reflect.

  2. You know I never looked at cemetaries that way before. I've always found them too sad to just stop and look. But you are very right. Beautiful. And now I'll never look at them the same way again. Thanks:)

  3. I am glad that I'm not the only one who finds the cemetary beautiful and peaceful it is a wonderful resting place for those who were loved by many. I think the angels are beautiful and it is always sad to see a childs name on those graves but it does happen.

    This is a beautiful post and good luck with your teenage self!

  4. Are those sheep in the cemetery??

    I don't get to cemeteries very often, but I do go to Arlington National Cemetery every Memorial Day weekend, and it's beautiful and sad and life-affirming all at once. I don't find them creepy or scary at all...very peaceful really. Good for you for taking time to admire one!

  5. Cemeteries are peaceful and they make me reflect upon my life.

  6. Walked by our cemetary today...it is one of my favorite placed. Ours is OLD, so you see faded stories, 100, 200, even 300 years old...it makes me recognize how much life has been lived in our little town.

  7. Cemetaries are fascinating places. So interesting.

  8. We used to do charcoal rubbings of old grave stones.

    I love the angels!!

  9. I feel the same way about cemetaries. I know they aren't there, but their stories are there. The evidence of their being here is documented there. And that is profound.

  10. I love cemeteries, too. So many stories there. Makes my problems small in comparison.

  11. I believe in a lot of strange things too. I think they are there all the time for all to know. We just don't pay attention, or maybe prefer to not know.

  12. I like walking through cemetaries. Especially old ones. I love the markers; the different shapes and styles and the epitaphs. Interesting reading.

    I can see how these pictures could spark a scene or a story idea.



  13. What a great reminder not to let the little things (bills, yardwork, etc.) weigh us down. Thanks!


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