Monday, May 10, 2010

The Start of something Beautiful

Spring is in the air. Yesterday was mother's day and I had the rare pleasure of being able to go out. Alone. I have to confess something....

I fell in love...

Something about the way the sun glinted in the early afternoon....

It's like the world was suddenly greener.....and maybe just maybe I felt like.....

Maybe I could fly.....

You know that feeling don't you?

The feeling that the writing is on the wall........

Inspiration is everywhere...

Time for new stories! New projects! New Goals! New ME!

I am a person of symbols and subconscious. Okay, I'm flaky and a roller coaster of emotions. But. When I was able to go out all by myself and take pictures of random things and listen to my cheesy, corny, heavy, soft music that I love...I was reminded of a girl that loved everything in life. This weird angsty, but not-young adult. I was all about the positive energy in life. I loved the supernatural. I've grown up and I've changed a bit, but...I don't want to. I want to remain that girl that was curious about everything. I want to be the one that really believes in the law of attraction. REALLY. So...I'm going back.

Hang on for the ride kids. It will take a whole week and it will be fun! My theme for the week is going to be retro. Groovy! Yes, I said that word. A lot. My mother can't hear that word now without cringing. :0) *Hi MOM!*

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post-I hung out with Dead People :0)

What are some things you rarely have time for but feel refreshed when you are able to do them?


  1. Reading a really good novel or seeing a good movie that completely transports me in the theater.

    Glad you are feeling inspired again.

  2. I'm intrigued by what is to come tomorrow!!

    I know the feeling, the more you grow up the less fun you have the way you used to, the small things that make you happy are things that start to disappear and it's important to keep them around. I think this week being Groovy is a fantastic idea! I think I'm jumping on the bandwagon with you!

  3. We had a beautiful Mother's Day as well! Good luck starting your new projects. :)

  4. I love being outdoors...but I don't get there often.

    How goes it with the job?

  5. You *sound* so much better than the last few weeks and I'm glad for you that you got to be *alone*. Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Hang in there. Change is generally a good thing. :)

  7. Awesome! I love the photos - it's amazing how inspiration and joy can pop up out of nowhere! :)


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