Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's!!

So much more information on April Fool's Day than I ever thought existed. Don't you love the internet?? Okay, I realize it's not all reliable, but it's fun digging through it. :0)

Before I dive into fun facts, I have some updates. I will not be querying this month. I'm just not ready-the manuscript isn't ready and I think I need to focus more on making it great than making it fast. *sigh*

3 out of 4 people at a table are Twilight fans and the most information I've gotten regarding books. I really need to read it for research purposes at the very least. *sigh*

This is the last day to enter my contest for a $25 gift card. Good Luck to you all!

I've had one entry for my Random Paragraphs Critique chance. Did that make sense? I didn't really name it in the original post. Okay, well...I'm extending it because I forgot Easter is so close. These holidays continually sneak up on me! So, I'll post the entries I get (without names) on Friday, April 9.

Okay-all about this fabulously foolish holiday. :0) And the link I got it from!

Once upon a time, in 1582, a King decided to change New Year's Day from April 1st to January 1st. Since it was 1582 and not 1988 no one really knew about the change that lived anymore than a few miles from wherever the King lived. They were considered "fools" for celebrating New Year's on April 1st despite the change. Other villagers would play pranks on these "fools" and apparently the tradition traveled throughout Europe.

My personal favorite is Scotland's tradition of making this holiday all about the butts, calling it Taily Day. Lots of butt smacking, kicking and general prankish fun is caused on poor unsuspecting people at the expense of a little laughter. I love it.

In England it's bad luck to play pranks on anyone other than in the morning of April Fool's!

Do you recall any pranks that played you for the sucker in your past?


  1. Those are too funny!! Crazy how stuff like that makes it into tradition!

    My kids love this day. You can't trust a thing out of their mouths. It's funny to see the different "fooling" abilities based on years. My 6 year old tries to tell you it's raining - right while you're standing in front of the sunny window. My 11 year old went online two days ago to download a homework paper and refill it in all wrong and put a big fat red F on the top to give to his dad at dinner.

    I'm watching my back today!!

  2. The various traditions are hilarious. My daughter would totally love Taily Day. She and her first grade pals invented a game called "smack-a-booty tag" that involves, well, butt smacking as a means of tagging other players.

  3. My daughter got early to try and prank her brothers, but I'm so awful at it that I talked her out of it.

  4. I know I've had loads of tricks played on me on April Fools day. Many of them I believed right off. I just can't remember the specifics. I had forgotten this is April Fools day, but I took today and tomorrow off work to catch up on some writing - and reading. My subconscious must have been working overtime to get me out of pranks on this day.

    Lucky me.


  5. Ahh good old traditions. I'm not a prankster, but it was the 1 year anniversary of my blog today, so yay! :)

    I'm querying this month too, so we can virtually cheer each other on!

  6. This is the second thing I've learned this morning and it's only 7:30!!!!!

    I would like to go on record as saying, not only am I not a TWILIGHT fan, I just. don't. get. it.

    Happy Easter,Kristi! Have a glorious weekend!!


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