Monday, February 22, 2010

Surprise! A Contest :-)

Remember how I said something about mentioning the number of followers you have is perceived by some to be...wrong? Well....


Okay, is that awesome, or what? I mean 101 people signed up to read all about my randomness. I love you guys! So, in honor of 100, my lovely CJ is gifting me with a $25 gift card to Barnes&Noble online. And.......

*drum roll please*

Since he's such a nice guy, Wen Prior will be receiving a delicious assortment of fudge as a thank you for being my 100th follower! Wen, please send me your shipping address. I know it's international, that is fine.

Of course...the excitement just goes on and on because.........

*Another drum roll please*

We are having a contest. Yay! The prize will be a $25 gift certificate to your online bookstore of choice. Now, I love contests, but I forget about linking to all my tweets and facebooks and stuff, so I'm going on honor system. Here are the ways to rack up entries.

  1. The contest will run from NOW until April Fool's Day. That's a WHOLE MONTH to get hundreds of entries.
  2. Each person that you bring to my blog who comments on any post (They must let me know you referred to them to read. They do NOT have to follow) +1 entry(Also let me know yourself on the form in the sidebar)
  3. Each person that follows me because of your referral +2 entries (You bring me five folks, you get 10 entries!)(You will be responsible for letting me know who you referred by the form in the sidebar)
  4. Tweet/Facebook/Blog or otherwise just spread the word, no referral necessary +1 entry
  5. Once you have done all of these things, click on the link in my sidebar and fill out the form so I don't completely lose my mind trying to find and add up everything and then end up committed and then the contest would be null and void.
A few fine prints....
Anyone can enter!! Yay! Internationally accepted!
If I get to 250 Followers, I will draw an additional name for an additional gift certificate.
If I get to 500 Followers, I will draw a third name for a third gift certificate. (If this happens, I will fall over from disbelief and a new pressure to actually blog about meaningful and cool stuff)
Please have fun. Please only become a cool kid if you really think I'm cool. I love your support! Thank you!


  1. Great contest Kristi!! Congrats on making that magical number :) I'll come back once I've done some "stuff" for you!

  2. Am I counting right? Did I miss being your 100th follower by 1? Nuts!

    Okay, and I just glanced at your last post - with Moira in the shower. Did you read my shower groomed post? If not, you must.

  3. Yay for 101 followers! Love the contest! I will return...:)

  4. How exciting! I NEVER win anything and now, I've just won three things in a week. And fudge? Oh Lordy I'm a happy girl!

    (sorry, I'm a girl, but if it helps, I'm a tomboy - except for the glittery things I like and my cute hats - okay I guess I am pretty girly).

    Fudge is my most favorite thing :D Thank you Kristi!

  5. Great contest. I will be back to let you know my progress:)

  6. Way to go Wen for being follower 100 how sweet is that! Congratulations on having 101 thats amazing!!!

  7. Inspiration! Kristi, I'm looking forward to growing my blog as you have. Congrats!

  8. Wow! That's quite a contest! I hope you get your 500! (But don't fall over!) I'm happy to add myself to your list. Blogging is such fun, isn't it? Congrats!

  9. Hi, Kristi. I'm over here following you from Tara's blog and I'll be back when I've done some of the stuff for your contest. :)

  10. Congrats on going over 100! Awesome milestone.

  11. Congrats on hitting such a major milestone!
    Swing by, there's a contest on my blog. I am posting an update on Wed, and I'll provide a link to yours then.

  12. Congrats!!!!! So awesome!! I recently hit 100 followers too!! Very very cool!!!

  13. I'm leaving you a comment to let you know I found your blog through Christine Danek's sidebar link. And I'm a new follower! Good luck with the contest and congrats on 114 followers (as of this moment.) :)

  14. Great contest, Kristi! I popped over because of Robyn Campbell, so please make sure she gets the extra entry. :-)

  15. Congrats on making it over 100!!!!


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