Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We made it! Here it is a new year, a new decade and we're still alive. Always something to be thankful for, you know? We spent the night watching Aliens Vs. Monsters (pretty cute, could've been better) and then played Chutes and Ladders twice, Life once and consumed lots of hot chocolate. We watched the ball drop in Times Square. All in all it was a good night. One of the most important things we did together as a family was to each make a list of goals. The court jester was not too pleased, but he joined in. Before I share my writerly goals, let me remind you of some of the simpler things in life to strive for.

Princess Kayla:
Be nicer to Rhiannon by controlling my temper. (She screams...kind of like her, uh, mom-the other one, not me!)
Be nicer to Jace by not calling him names.
Learn how to fix stuff like my daddy.
Learn how to change a diaper.
Learn how to pour drinks for mom and dad. (Before you worry that my six year old is mixing cocktails she is speaking of coca cola and diet pepsi)

Princess Rhiannon:
Make better grades by staying focused at school and doing my homework every night.
Ask for help when I need it.
Be more helpful by learning how to help daddy outside.
Learn how to change a diaper.
Work on learning guitar. (She got a guitar last year for her birthday when my guitar playing brother lived with us....he moved out, we haven't found another teacher)
Work on my dancing and singing.

Too cute, I had to share. I especially like that Princess Rhiannon wants to work on asking for's something we all need to remember.
On to my goals...I will leave out the personal ones, and skip straight to my writing life goals. :0) I don't like to call them resolutions...resolutions are overrated is what I say. However, there is nothing like a new year to feel like you have a clean slate to make some new goals and stick to them.
  1. Experience more...get out of the house. Remember those feelings, smells and descriptions to add richness to my stories.
  2. Read more...I admit, I slack in this area. I tend to compare, or simply not enjoy reading for the fun of it while I'm working on a WIP. However, as I've started reading a bit more in the past few months, I found my love of it again and worked out a good balance between reading for fun and reading to tear something apart.
  3. Buy one writing book...I don't think I've ever read a book on the craft of writing except for my course manual for writing for children. I'd really like to get Donald Maas's Fire in Fiction after a fellow blogger posted about it.
  4. Start book reviews, author interviews and contests on my blog. Try to learn more about it so I can make it look professional.
  5. Learn how to write a good query letter
  6. Learn how to write a synopsis. (I know, horrible aren't I?)
  7. Finish Addictions and query agents
  8. Stay more updated in the business aspect of the publishing industry. Learn, learn, learn!!
I've really enjoyed reading everyone else's posts on their goals for the new year. The energy is contagious and that is a great undercurrent of power for us writers. Keep it up! Here's to a new year full of learning new things, finding new successes and laughing more often than not. :0)


  1. Its a good idea to have goals. I really like it that your family shared in the experience.

    This is a copy of the same message I am posting in other places. I wanted to visit and thank everyone who has visited or followed any of my blogs. I have so enjoyed this new experience and look forward to getting to know each of you better. May this be a year of joy and prosperity for everyone.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Keep a hug on,

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Changing World

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

    Word Designer

  2. Happy New Year!

    If I may, I would like to make a recommendation for your writing book selection: Any of Natalie Goldberg's work, but start with Writing Down the Bones (if you haven't already read it!) And Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. Now these aren't very technical but they are very inspirational!

    Also, for just great fiction, read anything by Barbara Kingsolver- she is amazing IMHO.

    If you learn anything about writing a good query letter, please share! This is an area I am severely lacking in. :)

    I love the goals you and your family set! Your girls are so articulate!

    Here's to a great year!


  3. Good luck with your goals! Very good choices :) I love your girls' goals as well - kids are so smart.

  4. Kudos for you for encouraging your girls to write such specific and attainable goals! They are adorable ( the girls, mostly, but the lists too!).

    I need to sit and think about mine a little. More than just writing another novel. :)

    I need to read more, too. I started doing that this past year, but the last few months have gotten away for me. It feels so blissful and selfish to read... I have to remind myself that reading, even for enjoyment, is part of my job as a writer!

  5. Here is a list of writing books I recommend to every writer. Your library should probably have some of them. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King; Immediate Fiction by Jerry Cleaver; How to Write With the Skill of a Master and the Genius of a Child by Marshall J Cook; Page after Page by Heather Sellers; Chapter after Chapter by Heather Sellers; No More Rejections: 50 Secrets to Writing a Manuscript That Sells by Alice Orr;
    The Writer's Journey by Vogler. Though I would buy the self-editing one since you'll need it when editing. LOL

  6. Erin and Angelia: Thank you for the suggestions!! I was a little worried about where to start, and now I have a good list in front of me. You ladies are awesome!

    Erin, thank you-my girls are sometimes too articulate, trust me. :0)

    Jemi: Yes, we could all learn some valuable lessons from children if we just open our eyes and our hearts. I know mine have taught me far more than I ever imagined possible.

    Heidi: That's my problem with reading too-I feel guilty. I'm ignoring everyone, or if I'm reading at night, I'm missing out on rest, or ignoring housework(which I'm better about now) Thanks for the compliment on my girls, they are the highlight of our lives, truly. Even when I can't wait for them to go back to school-I know I'll miss their wisdom, innocence and cute little faces when they're back in school. LOL

  7. I love that your girls came up with a list of goals. I need to let my girls do the same thing:)

    Your goal of getting out of the house more is one I really need to do, too. Since I quit my job, I stay in the house way to much.

  8. Hey Kristi!! I love that the girls are thinking about others when they give their goals. Those two will grow up to be loving, caring women. Be proud my friend, be proud!

    My main goal is to SNATCH an agent. I start querying either Friday Jan. eighth or Monday Jan. eleventh. I am pouring over my MS one more time (maybe) and the query is sittin' on the ready. YIKES!! I want to get back my WIP while refreshing my emails every two seconds. *grin*

    Good to be back with you Kristi! Give my love to the family. And tell 'em what a great mommy they have. :-)

  9. The first step is to write your goals down and you guys did a bang-up job, but what I loved most was that everyone had a Snuggie!~

  10. I'm so jealous. I wanted a Snuggie for Christmas!
    Happy New Year! Sounds like some great goals!


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