Monday, January 4, 2010

Excuses, Accountability and Fellowship

OMG It's Monday already! I swear I'm working on that list of goals that you saw posted Friday...I promise. I have tons of excuses to tell you about as to why I haven't written more than a paragraph the last two days. However, I'll leave it as my weekend of rest. I did receive one thing tonight. An awesome critique from a fresh pair of eyes that really probed my brain. I love her for it. She asked every question that popped in her head, every issue with believability, she showed me where to tighten my writing, where to expand. I could kiss her honestly, and then I got to thinking. Which is kind of dangerous.

I'd love to have a spot for writers to swap manuscripts, kind of look for critique groups, general help. That sort of thing. So I did something crazy. Click here to see my second blog. Yeah, what was I thinking.

Which brings me to my last issue of the day. Then you can get on with your Monday business....I know I have to!

Accountability. Dirty big word, isn't it? Much like Responsibility. Ick. Yuck. Totally gag me with a spoon. That's how I feel about it. I know, it's terribly immature. But geez louise, I'm responsible about every darn thing. Except my new job. Yes. Job. Writing is my passion, my happiness and the end job. Whether it be an additional job, or full time. It's my job. I need a better boss though. This boss listens to and falls for all kinds of excuses. This boss pats me on the back and says, "well, two sentences is close enough to your thousand word goal of the day. It's okay if you don't post that review until next week. Who would know? I know it's a little scary to approach new people about interviews. Just wait a while." Yup, this boss is sooo fired. I'm hiring an accountability partner.

I read about this a long time ago in a devotional. It was something I believe my mother did with a friend of hers from church. Each day, at agreed times, my mother and her friend would call each other. First to discuss the planned events of the day. Said do list, whatever. At the end of the day, they discussed what was actually accomplished. What got in the way? How to change that habit. I was all of thirteen or fourteen, so I thought they were stupid. Completely off their rockers, those old ladies. I laughed at my mom. Guess what. I am my mom. I need someone to discuss such things with--the writerly things, not my to do list, I promise. :0) Then they helped each other evaluate if their small daily goals were getting them closer to their main larger goals. Pretty cool, huh?

Please click through if you are using a reader and check out the new blog. I'm hoping it goes somewhere and helps someone other than myself! :0)


  1. Hmmm, great post. And it made me think about my own writing and accountability. (such an UGLY word):0)

    I am clickin' on over to the new blog. No excuses here. :0)

    Glad to be back with you Kristi. Let's make this our BEST new Year yet.

  2. You know we will, girl!! I'm so proud of you for how far you've come already. I'm willing to place bets on 2010 being fantastic for you!! :0)

  3. Accountablitily is so important. I'm checking out your other blog now.

  4. Accountability is key with me. otherwise I get terribly lazy! It's so important to have honest people around you, too. Gentle, maybe, and friendly, but honest.

    Clicking over to see the other blog! Good luck!

  5. Accountability is good. I have a writer friend that I'm sending my words counts to which reminds me I've forgotten to the last two days. Argh. I decided I needed to do that since I'm trying something new and if I don't meet the word count goals I won't meet the deadline. Congrats on the new blog. Neat idea.

  6. You're one in a million, Kristi Faith. You are so right, accountability is everything.

  7. Ladies, thank God I'm not the only one!! Thanks for chiming in on the importance of accountability and how we all have our moments of weakness.. :0)

  8. Isn't it funny that those dorky things our mothers did when we were teens are brilliant now? Accountability is a dirty word, but oh so important. I guess our betas are kind of our accountability partners. Once you've started with a beta, you feel accountable to others than yourself to carry through with your work.


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