Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fill in the Blank #3

I think this person and I share a brain...Come forward, you!

Dear Pink Agent,

I am submitting to you a Romantic Suspense novel for your representation. The main character Cassandra works as a stripper for a tassles wearing boss. i had to add the wearing part so it made sense. He murders her and she must start a new life you think? as an extremely dancing stripper. what a stretch in careers, hon.

My novel, The Hot Stripper is complete at thirty two pages. It is also far better than To Die For which you represent as well.

I'm willing to work with a 24 figure advance. uh huh My mother has already told all of her friends so marketing isn't a problem.

Sullenly Yours,
Another Author


  1. Are these from more than one person? Funny.

    Word Designer

  2. LOL. That's funny Kristi. This one would be mine.

  3. I knew it! Or at least I had a pretty good idea. LOL


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