Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fill in the Blank #4

I changed this around a little because I just couldn't violate a children's book with my deviousness. :0) Although it's still funny to me. I've had the best time writing these out. I hope you had fun this weekend!! Thanks for all of your participation!

Dear Adorable Agent,
I am submitting to you a Picture Book novel for your representation. The main character, Susie, works as a veterinarian for a happy boss. He asks her to write a new animal. She humbly takes on the challenge, but finds that creating a new animal is more dangerous than she thought.

My novel, The Colorful New Animal, is complete at four pages. It is also far better than Silly Scotty Bot, which you represent as well.

I'm willing to work with an eight figure advance. My dad says it's great, so I know you'll love it.

Thankfully Yours,
Another Author


  1. I must be waaaaaaay outta' the loop. Wha'sup?

    Word Designer

  2. Awww Wordy-you'll have to look for next Friday or Saturday's post. :0) Each person gets to fill in their own verbs/adverbs etc.. :0) Hope you can join in next time!

  3. LOL :) Well, if it's better that Silly Scotty Bot, this agent better snap it up!

  4. LOL! Ha hahahahahaha. This one's mine and I like it. :-)


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