Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Inspirations

Sorry for the late post, but once you watch this video, you will be glad I waited until I saw this incredible drama group to share with you. These four young adults travel to different churches and events, performing their masterpiece dramas through music. You can check out their website here. I travelled an hour from home this morning to see them for the first time, and I'm so glad I did. The travel was well worth it! I'm not a religious person...I believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but I'm a spiritual person. I don't follow rules and regulations, dogmas if you will. I follow where I'm led by the spirit. When I'm so captivated that my heart won't let go, that's where I prefer to worship. This group did that for me today.

It's the holidays and for all the commercial propaganda out there, I think we tend to forget to slow down and remember, truly, the reason we celebrate this day. It's not about gifts, it's about His presence. So, if you need a break from writing, plotting, revising, shopping, driving and baking....please watch this video. Rest and enjoy the message, rejuvenate. Thank you 3D for allowing me to post this on my blog and share it with my friends.

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  1. That was uniquely beautiful. Their movement punctuated the music, effectively grabbing me by the heart!


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